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Declaring the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God

As each day goes by, we are getting one day closer to the end of times. And as each day goes by, we can see that. There is physical proof of this all around us. Whether we are aware of it or not…whether we want to be or not….we are ALL a part of a SPIRITUAL WARFARE. So it is important that we grow stronger in our faith. When we do, this will prove to be a consistent stronghold for us, and our hearts and souls. And no one or nothing will be able to shake us from this. Because God says He is beyond what we see and hear with our human eyes and ears on this earth. And when we have the FATHER OF CREATION as our focus, we will definitely be on the winning side of this spiritual war.

As God’s Creations, we are all on the Path of Truth. And there is only one truth. God knows that we all understand it in different ways. However, when enlightened by that ONE TRUTH, by the One True God, all will conduct themselves in accordance to the way that Truth dictates. God wants true believers to come into His Paradise of Eternal Life, up above. So, He will not tolerate any deviations from His Truth. A heart and soul grounded in His Truth will be childlike in nature. It will not value the things of this world; but only the things in God’s Love. If you look even the flowers in the wild, the trees in the wilderness, and the animals in the forests, display this. Look at the animals…do they not protect their herd or young…in a sacrificial way? That is out of unconditional love…and knowing their responsibility as leaders and parents to the young of the flock or herd. JUST AS A SHEPARD PROTECTS ITS FLOCK….

JESUS CHRIST, as the SON OF GOD, did the same. Though being the “King of all Kings”; and a member of the most High Court…He never took the place or position within this earth of any royalty…or of fame or wealth. He took on God’s Will for Him, to be the Shepard of the Lost Sheep. And when God’s Time was right, seeing how far Mankind strayed away from God’s Greatness for them….He became the SACRIFICIAL LAMB…..the offering to God, to take away the sins of Mankind. As the Son of God, He died on this earth…in order to take our place. To unshackle us from evil. Instead of DESTROYING His Creations, God gave us one final chance in making things right with Him. Jesus Christ, conquered evil, by dying on the Cross….as the ULTIMATE SYMBOL of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. And will one day soon return, to take back with Him those who have found and lived by God’s Truth.

Evil wants us to forget this of Jesus Christ. That is why Satan fears the Name of Jesus Christ. Because Jesus defeated him and his evil. Do you not see how Jesus Christ and His Name…any memory of Him is trying to be eliminated on this earth? Christians are being persecuted everywhere, based on their belief in Jesus Christ. So it is so important that we study His Life…know how to conquer evil. Jesus Christ came to earth, to change the law of “eye for an eye”; and asked us to “turn the other cheek” in order to uphold God’s Divine Laws of Love….as you can see…as Jesus died on the Cross….He did it to the point of death of His Earthly Life, on the Cross. He went as far to show that God’s Ways are beyond the world’s ways…as to die for Mankind on this Earth.

So declare Jesus Christ’s Name over your life…over the lives of your loved ones…EVERYDAY…to daily conquer evil’s battles over your soul. And you will see how evil will leave you….in fear of Jesus Christ.

The Shepard of My Soul

The Shepard of My Soul

Era of Deceit

Battle of good and evil

When it comes to doing what is wrong or right;
It is meant to be done by ALL, not only those who have God in their sight.
For in the world today we see the “once acceptable becoming unacceptable”;
And the once “unacceptable becoming acceptable”.

As it gets one day closer to the end of times;
We see God’s Laws being violated…in front of Divinity, so many crimes.
With evil running rampantly in this world;
By accepting these violations, to evil’s ways, Mankind has unfurled.

For evil professes self conditional love;
Where love is only given, on conditional terms…not what God says from Up Above.
Evil says that you should only love those that love you back;
To only love those that can do something for you…none for those that can not hack…

Divinity professes selfless unconditional love;
That gives and gives till it soars to heights like a dove.
For such a heart is only fulfilled if it gives love without thinking twice;
It gives without expecting anything in return…it gives by rolling the dice.

Jesus showed us that we must always be in tune to our connection to the Creator;
He will help us to discern what are the ways of Divinity, and those of Satan, God’s traitor.
As the Son of God, He came to this earth to show us how to live;
To the point of dying on the Cross, to save all of Mankind, to keep us alive.

For evil shackled Mankind to it, upon Satan introducing sin to Eden, on that fateful day;
And has forever since then, trying to take Mankind away…
From the Creator that loved it so much as to die…
So that from Satan’s evil, we can be unshackled and forever say “goodbye”.

We have to be in tune with our Creator, just as Jesus showed us with His Own Life;
So that we can enter God’s Eternal Paradise…forever being with Him in love…free from strife.
Jesus has said that He will one day return;
And for those who did not listen to Divinity…will forever in Hell burn.

We must stand strong for God’s sake;
Just as Jesus Christ did at the Cross, to uphold God’s Laws…He did whatever it takes.
As the end of times come near….
Many will be lost…of God’s Laws their understanding will not be clear.

This is why it is important for all to take note of Jesus’ Life;
For He showed all of mankind, how it is to live in accordance to God’s ways..to avoid Satan’s knife.
Evil will deceive until it claims every last soul away from God Up Above;
For His Trophy is to make Mankind BELIEVE in Satan’s deception…and to prevent you from experiencing God’s Love.

God Loved Us So Much as to Die for Our Salvation


God, the Father saw only one final way to save us, as His Most Precious Creations, to be the shock absorber of our sinful nature. Jesus came to earth, to show us, how we were to lead our lives, and to teach us how to do so. Jesus came, as the Son of God, lived amongst us to show us, that He understood all the things we endured; and how to conquer Satan’s Deception on this earth. As a sacrifice, He offered Himself, devoid of any sin or fault of any kind, to save Mankind from its sinful nature. He did so to give us the chance to return back home to the Father Up Above.

Jesus Christ is the ULTIMATE SYMBOL OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. There is only one Jesus Christ, and His Truth will prevail. He taught us that even while He was accused and convicted of a crime He did not commit, while He was being ridiculed and persecuted on this earth, He loved and forgave all. He died in order to uphold God’s Laws at all costs, in the earthly sense, to show that Divine Laws conquer the ways of this world. He conquered Evil at the Cross;by not giving in to Evil’s Temptations, and by staying focused on God’s Will.

"Abba, forgive them.For they know not what they do."

“Abba, forgive them.For they know not what they do.”


Life on this Path…


When we love, there should not be any barriers or pride in doing so. There shouldn’t be any false barriers, but a feeling of complete vulnerability; with an empowerment by strength that can only come from a Divine Source. When we love, it should will easily hurt when others take advantage of such love, based on such a heart not being bound by the ways of the world. It will also easily forgive….and this forgiveness is selfless, and sacrificial in nature. It loves, because it is bound by the code that is established by Divine Law; not by worldly laws, made by Man. When we love, it loves without fear..because it answers to a higher being at the end of it all.

When we have chosen to follow a path in finding the Father of Creation, we have to realize that will be given insight to things that those who do not. As a result we are responsible for using this knowledge, to get others on the same path as you. We humble ourselves to the world around us, making our heart visibly clear for all to see, as a beacon in the darkness on this earth. There is no hiding even when facing evil in the eye, with a heart that is rooted in God’s Unconditoinal Love. This is what Jesus Christ displayed on the Cross at Calvary. To fathom the love that Jesus shared on the Cross truly does bring tears to my eyes. To endur all that pain…both in the physical and the mental sense….in order to save Mankind from the grips of Satan; that kind of strength could have only come from Divinity. There is no Man that could endure all that. The biggest flaw in Man is that they forget God’s Existence. They believe it is they who have made their lives, and steered the current direction that they are on. We must remember NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT IT BEING WITHIN GOD’S PLANS for you. It is in these plans that you excel beyond anyone else, why? Because God had meant that to be your destiny. At the same time, God does such things, in order for you to know that you should detach yourself from the ways of this world; and follow the path that He had provided for you. That God’s Ways are first, and foremost in your life. Nothing of the self is involved.

When we put God first, IN ALL, we do, this is when we begin to see the things of this world, for its true value: NOTHING IN COMPARISON TO WHAT THE FATHER OF CREATION can provide for you. There are so many restrictions to which the things of this world can provide for someone. But when it comes to God providing such things for you, there is no limit to it. Not to mention, to what we give to others, there is no limit. However, in order to not allow for evil to jade us or to wear us down, we must ask God, to help us discern, what is of Him, and what is not. For we are in times of a Spriritual Battle. Jesus Christ, while roaming this earth, has made it very clear what God expects of us. So we must be in line with His Teachings, in order to enter His Paradise. They are very simple, yet because of Satan and his demons running so rampantly through this earth, tarnishing everything to deceive, manipulate, and to scheme everyone off of the Path to God’s Paradise…it is becoming harder and harder for us to follow those simple teachings. As Jesus said, “The pathway to Heaven is narrow; and very few will walk that path.” That means there are many that will CHOOSE, that right I said CHOOSE…because God gives us the choice. In the meanwhile, evil does not give us that same right to choose. In fact, Satan constantly bombards us with his deception, lies, and schemes, in order to make us jades of God, and Jesus Christ. In fact He wants us to forget Jesus Christ altogether. He constantly bombards us with lies and schemes, to make us bitter and angry with God. Just remember, the stronger you get in your faith, you are getting one step closer to God. At the same time, with each step you get closer to God, the more angry Satan is getting angry for you going further away from his evil; and will throw even harsher trials at you, to get you off. To endure such spiritual battles, you would need strength from the Father of Creation. This strength has the pwoer to defy Evil…to conquer evil. Evil does not know how to love others; it only knows how to love itself…and to make others love it. It’s not about loving others without any reason….or for just loving because we were created to love. Do you know how many hopeless people are saved, just because someone just decided to love another person, for no specific reason? How many times do we show this to another person, if we know love has this much power?

In the end of it all, we are all held accountable for our own thoughts, actions, and intentions. It takes daily self evaluations, to refine yourself, to an image that is pleasing to God. And this is a lifelong process. There is no shame for such a heart to admit when they are wrong….for they are quick to make things right. There is no pride in such a heart. Remember there are certain things said in that will prevent us from entering the Kingdom of Heaven…we must be mindful of them..and avoid them at all costs. It can cost us Eternity.

Pathway to Heaven

stairway to heaven

What we must remember, as times get tough;
It is evil, making a bluff…
In making you think that there is no hope, and things will only get more rough.
But Jesus showed us through His Own Life and Death,sure enough.

Evil wants you to forget;
Jesus Christ’s Existence, Teachings, Life, and Death…
For Jesus taught us how to get through the tough times;
And how to conquer evil’s tolls of deception and lies.

We must always keep our eyes on the prize;
And ask for God’s Guidance to steer yourself around evil’s lies…
For it is because of God’s Love, shown through Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross;
That we were unshackled from evil’s control, to regain His Children back…He did not want that loss.

As the end of times grow near;
Evil will try to steer God’s Children off of His Path, with greed and fear…
Remember no matter what earthly strife you endure;
It is nothing in comparison to God’s Wrath for not listening to Him, for sure.

Jesus is waiting to return;
So that He can call back everyone that listened to His Message of God’s Love…to which in their hearts burn.
For all those that conformed to the ways of this world;
Jesus will pass judgement, and will pour out God’s Wrath…unfurled.

His love is given so abundantly and freely;
That He gives us till the last breaths in our human bodies to come to him, ideally.
For once we breath that last breath…it will all be too late;
And if we had not come to God….that means we had taken evil’s bait.

There is a time we will all have to answer to our Creator;
Whether some may realize it sooner or later.
God has shed so many tears already;
And Jesus will come one day, to end them all…to bring forth God’s Paradise…good and steady.

A Letter From Jesus to all of His Brothers and Sisters


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

While I lived on this earth, I roamed around telling you of the immense power of Our Father’s Mercy and Love for us all. Many of you listened; but how many of you, truly LISTENED? Oh, how I weep for all of you, as I watch from up above, with Our Father. I have told you, time and time again, that there is more to life, than what you see with your eyes; and hear with your ears. Life is the very Truth that Abba put within you, since the time you were conceived in your Mother’s Womb. Yahweh’s reward and prosperity is given to you, is not defined by the ways of this world…for He has said that He is beyond such ways.

I have pleaded with you to turn from ways that are not pleasing in God’s Eyes; yet you still continue to follow them. For what reason? For earthly gain? Do you not know that the Father of Creation, can have those things taken away, with swipe of His Mighty Hand? You only remember Him, in times of trouble. But how many of you remember Him, in times of happiness? He is the One that brings these moments to you…and showers you with endless love, from up above. I came to this earth, to let you know how much Our Father loves you. He loves you so much that He just waits for you, to reach out your hand to Him, for His Help. He waits for you…with arms wide open. All you need to do, is go to Him.

I died on the earth, in the physical sense, because of His Love for you. He asked me to love you, more than myself; and to die for the sake of saving you from the grasps of evil. Evil wanted to take you away from Him, forever. But I came to take you away from it, forever; and to unshackle to its ways..and becoming its prisoner. I came to bring you back home, with me.

Just remember, I will return. No one will know when; not even I. All happens in God’s Time. Until then, refine your faith; and become stronger in your love for Our Father in Heaven. For this is what will save you from the hands of evil. I will come to pass judgement on those that have forgotten what the Father of Creation has asked of us. It is a simple thing…yet so hard for many of you to do….”To love unconditionally.” The only way we can achieve this is to love God first, in all you do…

I want to take you back home with me.But Our Father in Heaven only wants true believers in His Love; not those that have doubt or do it when it is convenient. Defeat evil; and find strength in God, as I did. And we will meet in the Paradise that Our Father is waiting with arms wide open, to welcome you back home, to Him.

Lovingly Yours Always,
Your Brother….Jesus.

Hope is what Jesus Christ provided at the Cross

ISAIAH 53:10-12

Yet it was the Lord’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer,
and though the Lord makes[a] his life an offering for sin,
he will see his offspring and prolong his days,
and the will of the Lord will prosper in his hand.
11 After he has suffered,
he will see the light of life and be satisfied;
by his knowledge my righteous servant will justify many,
and he will bear their iniquities.
12 Therefore I will give him a portion among the great,
and he will divide the spoils with the strong,
because he poured out his life unto death,
and was numbered with the transgressors.
For he bore the sin of many,
and made intercession for the transgressors.



Hope is such a powerful thing.  Hope is what saves lives.  As human beings, this is what separates us from the rest of God‘s Creations.  We are able to analyze and see beyond the circumstances in front of us.  To forge ahead, with the HOPE of overcoming what is set in black and white (concretely) in front of us.  True liberation, is through hope and love, which is what Jesus Christ displayed on the Cross.

When you believe in God who says His Ways are beyond any logic on this earth; that is how HOPE arises.  You FEEL and BELIEVE in a logic that only Divinity can inspire.  People believe we are fighting wars that are in this physical realm….but there is a bigger war that we are ALL a part of, and that is within the Spiritual Realm.  Jesus Christ, through the example of how He led His Life, gave us all of the tools and teachings to the foundation we needed to fight this spiritual war.  And by dying on the Cross, He unshackled us from Evil‘s grips.  God loved us that much as His Children….that He sent His Son, from Heaven, to live amongst us….to endure everyday struggles and trials…..and to even endure the tortuous death that He did….to go to that extent to show us, how much He loves us…..to show us how much He understands what we go through, based on evil’s plans….to show us that despite all of the wrongs we commit, we have the opportunity make things right in front of Him…and come back home to Him.  Jesus dying on the Cross, did so, out of Love.  Not because of any deal or cause.  Just simply…out of Love, to become the shockabsorber of our sins (which my Dad has often told me, in so many ways).

God has given us the CHOICE….to choose to live in His Ways.  Unlike evil, God does not force us into servitude, in exchange of His Love and Acceptance.   Once you have tasted Yahweh‘s Love, it becomes something you yearn to feel forever.  He doesn’t force you…you just CHOOSE to want it more and more.  Evil wants you to believe we serve such an unjust God, that is hypocritical and mean.  However, Jesus Christ showed us on the Cross, that His Love for us is so endless, that He sacrifices all, for the sake of bringing us back home to Him. , to the point of sacrificing His Son at the Cross.  Jesus Christ, though being the King of Kings….He did not die in a noble way.  In fact, He died alongside 2 criminals…..because that is the extent that God was telling us…that HE WILL FORGIVE, NO MATTER THE SIN.  We just have to go back to Him….and ask to be forgiven.  There is only one thing that can prevent us in going back to Him and asking for that forgiveness, and that is ONE OF THE 7 DEADLY SINS:  PRIDE.  In fact this sin is what drives evil’s agenda, to take away as many souls possible from God…….it is what got Lucifer kicked out of Heaven…..

Jesus Christ died on the Cross…..to show us ALL, that there is HOPE.  Hope that God’s Goodness will rule again.  Hope that evil’s rule is over.  The final countdown for evil’s rule, began upon Jesus dying on the Cross.  Jesus Christ came down from Heaven to be the example of what a life living in complete obedience to God, requires.  IF God says He is not of the ways of this world, we must not live in ways that conform to this world; but in ways that Jesus did, out of SELFLESS, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.   Yeshuay showed that Yahweh’s ways are not hypocritical…but merciful.  HOPE is so power….it is the spring board to Love…….

Just as Jesus did, endure the trials….because it is evil trying to kill the hope in you.

Just as Jesus did, endure the heartache…because evil wants to make you not be able to love UNCONDITIONALLY…but only love CONDITIONALLY.  Jesus DIED FOR ALL…..He told us to love not only those that love us…but those that hate us….for those who wrong us….for those that we know and don’t know.  That is what He demonstrated at the Cross.  His Love was for all of Mankind.

Jesus died for the sake of giving us hope, that we can return back to the Father in Heaven….the Father of all Creation.