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As we celebrate Easter, let us meditate on this Ultimate Symbol of Unconditional Love.  Jesus came onto Earth, to full God’s Purpose of providing Salvation for all of Mankind.  God knew that evil had destroyed the original pathway He had created for Humans; and Jesus, as His Son, had to come to reestablish God’s Ways of Living; and in death to resurrection, to create another pathway back to Heaven. 

Jesus showed us in every way, what needed to be done in order to find our ways back to Abba, our Father in Heaven.  He was a Life Example, as to how God wanted us to live.  He also demonstrated that it will not be an easy journey; in fact, it will be a very hard journey to take.  But being the Son of God, having the choice, to either endure or not endure all He did….He loved God so much…..He loved us unconditionally….to go through and choose to die for our sake, and to surrender to God’s Will of His Life to become the Salvation for all of Mankind. 

There is only one Jesus Christ.  And He has died on the Cross, and has Risen.  He will return, for the sake of taking back with Him, all those who have understood the message of His Life, on behalf of God the Father in Heaven.  All those that endured earthly trials, and dealt with them, just as He did.  Those who loved God so much, and appreciated the Sacrifice He made….as to travel the same path as He did…He will gather them in His Arms to hurt no more of earthly ways.  He will return again, to wipe out all evil and darkness.

Happy Easter to all!  May we find the true meaning of Jesus’ Life and Resurrection, and decide to take on the same path, with His Help….and the inspiration of the life He led, while living on Earth.