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The Means Justify the Ends in the Eyes of God, the Father of Creation

Jesus Crucifixion

A lot of people seem to be living by the law of “Survival of the Fittest” which was meant for the animals in the wild, and not for Mankind. This includes the philosophy of the “ends justify the means”. When the Prophets, Jesus Christ and the Disciples roamed the earth, they showed us through their own life example, quite the contrary. That the means of reaching your goal DOES MATTER, in the Eyes of God. It will also determine if the “end result that was being aimed for, will be either permanent or temporary”.

In order to keep guard over the soul given to each person, once they were conceived in their mother’s wombs, it is important to remain faithful to God’s Divine Laws of Love. In order to refine and purify our souls, we must continue to be faithful from the everyday small things in life to the big things that we want to achieve in life. So, in the Eyes of God, the Father of Creation, the means do justify the ends. I think Mother Theresa said it best in the following: “God did not call us to be successful, but to be faithful. Like Paul we are bound and beaten, but our body remains.” We have to remain faithful in all we do before God.

The antithesis of this would be that which is subscribed by the animals in the wild, following the “Survival of the fittest ” which is “the end justifies the means”. If we call ourselves followers of Christ Jesus (Yeshua, Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay) we should see the Life Example that He provided for us, as He roamed the earth. He showed us that the means to which we lived life, does matter to the Almighty God of Creation. That He keeps account of the intentions, thoughts, behind our actions to which we have, as we roam this earth. This is how we begin to purify the soul within, to which the Holy Spirit is seeking for a fertile ground to take root in…which is a soul that is constantly seeking the Eternal Kingdom of God, and adopting one step at a time, purifying the soul.

When you have a soul grounded in seeking the Eternal Kingdom of God the Father of Creation, this soul will be worthy ground for the Holy Spirit to dwell, Who will guide you to the Path to the Eternal Kingdom. And because the path is narrow, and followed by few, according to what is said in the Scriptures of the Holy Bible, which means though the opportunity is given to all to enter the Path to the Eternal Kingdom, FEW will enter the path, and few will have fertile ground for the Holy Spirit to dwell within.

If we are not faithful in following the Divine Laws of Love of the Eternal Kingdom, which will mold our everyday life, which make us see that the path to the end result does matter, then we will be forced to the wider path, to which is followed by the majority; and not a pure and fertile ground for the Holy Spirit to dwell within such a soul; and as a result will not be able to discern the deception through which Evil has planned for Mankind to willingly choose with their freewill, to rebel against God, the Father of Creation (Yahweh, Devum, Jehovah). As a result, some may never enter the path, some may enter but then permanently fall off. The deception that evil has planned for Mankind is to confuse humanity as to what is right and wrong, and to tell you that as long as things work out in the end for the good, then it does not matter how you got there. If Satan was once Lucifer, does he not know how to twist God’s Scriptures for his purposes. God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Yahweh, Jehovah) declared Humanity as His Greatest Creation; and Lucifer got kicked out of Heaven for envying this unconditional love that God had for Humanity, which transformed Lucifer (who was once God’s Highest Ranking Angel) to Satan. So, Satan wants to prove God wrong. He wants to prove that Humanity is a complete waste of God’s unconditional love. And those of who have chosen to follow the Path, Satan wants to exhaust us from spiritually fighting against him, by throwing trial after trial against us. He wants to even use our faith, and twist it so that he can try to throw us off of the path. It is important for us to seek the Eternal Kingdom, with our soul and mind in order to become spiritual warriors through our prayer. It is through prayer that the Holy Spirit can guide us, and God can provide us His Wisdom in order to fight against the deception of Satan, who was once Lucifer.

This is why it is so important for us to understand what Jesus Christ did as He roamed this earth. We must understand that the deception that Satan brings to humanity was first established in the Garden of Eden, by introducing rebellion of God, and His Ways to Adam and Eve, which disconnected Humanity from the direct connection that God had with Humanity at the time of their creation. Why Satan wants to discredit Jesus Christ is because he knows what Jesus Christ did with His Death on the Cross.

Jesus Christ through His Life, Death, and Resurrection was able to conquer Satan on behalf of Humanity by becoming the Sacrificial Lamb; and through shedding His Blood through His Death on the Cross, Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu, Yeshua, Yeshuay) provided us the Blood Covering of Protection from this deception and the eternal damnation that evil is trying to bring to Humanity, the same sentence that Satan Himself has received from God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh). This blood covering is the equivalent to the lamb’s blood covering that God, the Father of Creation, had instructed for Moses to put on the doorways of the homes of the Jewish slaves in Egypt, while He was sending the Angel of Death over the first born males of Egypt. Jesus Christ also reestablished this direct connection between God and Humanity with His Life. Once we understand what Jesus Christ did at the Cross, such a soul that has found this meaning will understand the teachings that Jesus taught as He roamed the earth, and how it is important to be faithful in the small things that you do being in accordance to God’s Divine Laws of Love, and even the path to achieve things in life matters. It determines what is permanent, and what is everlasting. When we are faithful in the daily things, the Holy Spirit will help you to discern the deception of evil.

Prayer is our way of directly talking with God. God talks to His Children in the spiritual sense. Evil will try to distract you from a prayer life, which is why those who are not distracting must prayer for others that are. It is important to pray for our loved ones, so that we can try to save them from the deception of evil. Once we are given the testimony of the existence of God’s Existence, we were given a window to God’s wisdom. And when God bestows upon a soul a piece of His Wisdom, it is the responsibility of such a soul to share that wisdom to others, in order to give that soul a chance to be able to find their way back to God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh). We were created to have dominion over all God’s Creation. This is how much God, valued us above all His Creations. He had the confidence in Humanity to do so, because He has the confidence that they will live in accordance to His Divine Laws of Love. However, God understands that His Divine Laws of Love can get misconstrued by those that do not see the importance of being faithful to him in all things.


Longsuffering is Needed: Refiner’s Fire


Many people seem to miss the whole meaning of “Refiner’s Fire”. But just recently, I have been thinking through, with the help of the Gospel, as to what it means. Jesus’ Life has been opening my Eyes to so many things. And I wish others would examine the great learning tool that Jesus left behind, not only through His Teachings, but also through His Life Example.

As human beings we fear pain any kind. We fear suffering of any kind. Of course there is always the pathological side of things where people enjoy pain. Notice that I used the word “pathological” in describing this. Yes, this would not be normal. There is a difference in intent. God ALWAYS judges on the INTENT. ONLY HE CAN SEE INTENT. The intent of BOTH is the tool of Satan. To instill fear to the point of being crippled spiritually; and to instill pleasure..also to cripple spirituality.

When we choose to Walk the Path to God, there are many tests to break down PRIDE; and to bow down in Humbleness before the Father of Creation. The trials thrown at us during our life paths, serves to establish this, and to refine our faith. SO..WHEN PEOPLE SAY, THAT THEY DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE….AND THAT YOU HAVE TO LIKE ME FOR ME….Well, there is something wrong with that kind of thinking. In fact, especially when you are caught up in the ways of the world, to which God clearly states in the Holy Bible, that He is not a part of…THERE IS A NEED TO CHANGE, IN ORDER TO ENTER HIS PARADISE FOR ETERNITY. In fact, He gives us till the last breath in our earthly bodies to do so. So there is no time frame for changing, other than when your time here on earth is over. And no one, other than God, knows that for sure. So each day, is an opportunity to change…to refine yourself in perfect faith with the Father of Creation.

When Jesus, as the Son of God, walked this earth, though being a member of the MOST HIGH COURT, he wanted to show us this through His Life. He endured what we endure on this earth…and even more, for the sake of taking away some of that additional pain, on our behalf. He showed us, that the moment we decide to follow God’s Path, we will run into opposition from Satan, the Enemy, to rejoin the ways of this world, which are of his. So, if we have till the last breath in our human bodies to make things right in the Eyes of God, is this life a short path of suffering and opposition? NO! NO! NO!

The Enemy wants to deceive you and say, that there is no need to suffer. That he can give you everything of this earth, in the palm of your hand. Sure, with selling your soul to him. By conforming to this, you have put an earthly price tag to what Jesus died for, with His Priceless, Precious Blood. Satan wants you to believe that all happiness can be found on this earth, in knowledge, in materialistic things, and even in false spirituality. This is why it is so important to refine our faith, by having a daily relationship with God, of our own. Because this is when you open yourselves up to God, and give Him a place to enter, and guide you to what ways are of Him and His Divinity, and what ways are of evil and of this earth. Jesus has said, that we should give up all, and follow Him. That is to separate ourselves in mind, body, and soul, from the ways of this world.

As long as we are on this earth, where the ways are of that of the Enemy, it will be a lifelong path of suffering. But the difference is….is…(wait for it)….THE INTENT! If we endure this path, with God first in our lives, it will not appear as suffering, but as the “Will of God”. When we realize that God’s Ways are nothing in comparison to what the human mind and heart can comprehend…in its perfection and generosity…we will see that we have to break away and follow God. This is what Jesus demonstrated with His Life, Death, and Resurrection. He did not walk around as a “King” in the earthly sense. In fact, He walked around, as what many would call, as a pauper. And died the sentence of a criminal. There was nothing of nobility of this earth, to which Jesus possessed in His Hands. This is the extent God went to show, how we should lead our lives. It is when Jesus Christ died on the Cross, that He ended the rule of Evil; reestablished the pathway between God and Mankind (which was originally broken upon Satan introducing sin into the Garden of Eden); and now evil and its demons are running around quite crazily, trying to obtain away from God, as many souls as it can. Remember, as each day goes by, it is one day closer to the end of times. We may not know the exact hours; but that is the reality. And it will get harder to distinguish between God’s Truth and evil’s deception, as the days go by; because evil will try to twist and manipulate God’s Words from its TRUE meaning. And only until you speak to God Himself, and get stronger in that relationship with God, you will be able to know the difference. Jesus said, “Truth is not seen or heard; but felt.” IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!

There is a need to change! And for those who think that there is not…Jesus will remind you one day! There is a need to be humble before the Father of Creation…because He will one day show you why!

So endure your “Refiner’s Fire” with God as your strength; and you will see what you can overcome, which will be beyond all human logic. Because human logic is restricted; and evil wants you to remain restricted.