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With the Start of the New Year…..



With the  upcoming New Year approaching, we must reflect on the world around us…is it getting better?  Or is it getting worse?

Every year, I ask myself, “How can I make my spiritual path better?”; ” Where did I go wrong on my path, this year?”; “Am I pleasing God, with my life?”

We all focus on how we can phsyically improve ourselves.  But as the end of times grows nearer, it is becoming more pertinent to makes sure that we are improving ourselves in the spiritual sense, to make sure we are heading down the right path to the Eternal Life that God has promised us through the Life and Death of Jesus Christ.   Though we can never predict the exact moment of when this will occur, we must always have that goal in our minds.  God does not want us to “work towards a deadline”; He wants us to choose His Ways, because we want to, without knowing the time frame we are working towards.

I think a lot of people lose sight of why we were put on this Earth.  In my opinion, it is to live a life filled with Unconditional Love; just as Adam & Eve had lived in the Garden of Eden, before Satan came and ripped that world apart, by introducing SIN to God’s Creation. 

When approaching my spiritual path, I always think, my goal is to defy Evil’s ways.  Easier said than done, especially since human nature makes us lean towards things that we should not do.  And God acknowledges that, that is why Jesus had to come down, to show us through His Own Life, as an Example, how we are expected to live…..and He had to die, to reopen that Pathway back to God, that Satan originally destroyed, by introducing sin, into the Garden of Eden.  As human beings we will always struggle between good and evil.  It is up to us to CHOOSE good.  Good is determined by our spiritual path, and what God dictates to us, while traveling that spirtual path.

We must RENEW our souls and hearts, readjust them to a path that is Heaven Bound.  That is what our NEW YEAR”S RESOLUTION should be every year.  We must defy evil, and become Warrior’s of God’s Unconditional Love.  Why?  Because that is why we were created…..God created us to Love, out of His Own Love.  Just like any parent of their children, we were created as a reflection our parents, Our Father…. Him.

Satan’s, who was once a part of God’s Paradise, decided to CHOOSE, to go against God, his Creator.  And because of this, God casted Him out of Paradise, to never return again.  And well, the evil that Satan created is out of his jealousy of never being able to return back to Paradise again.  God has given us the chance to return, through the Life and Death of Jesus Christ.  By eliminating Jesus’ Name from this earth…by trying to eliminate and mock His Life, and His Existence from this Earth….Satan wants you to stray away from God, just as he did.  Jesus conquered him and his evil intention, with His Life and Death, which is why Satan fears Him, as the Son of God….to regain reign over God’s People. 

REMEMBER, Satan wants us to forget and even deny Jesus Christ’s Existence, so that we will not know how to defeat him and his evil, ourselves.  Jesus showed us and gave us the tools.  We must never forget that.  Satan wants to relay that God is a dictator….but would a dictator give us every chance possible to make things right?  NO, they would give us ONE chance.  God gives us till the last breath in our earthly bodies, to make things right, with our lives.  Would a dictator, die for the sake of another?  NO, he will make you give up your OWN life.  Jesus Christ, came down to die in our place, to make a pathway back to God, Our Father.  Would a dictator say, speak to me and I will wipe your slate clean?  NO….he will say I will ALWAYS hold it over you.  God says, come to me with all of your worries and regrets, and I will give you rest.

Jesus with His Teachings showed us God’s Endless Lovee…by forgiving those who were branded by Manmade Laws, as “criminals”, “sinners”, and “outcasts”.  He loved those who sought him.  He died for all, without any discriminiation of race, creed, or lifestyle.  Satan wants everyone to forget Jesus….Remember Jesus….and remember His Life.  Learn from His Life, and study the tools that He gave. 

Keep His Memory ALIVE….because He will one day return, and take back home those who kept God’s Laws, by seeing who kept His Words of Love,within their hearts, honoring His Son’s Life, with the way they molded their hearts and souls, with what they learned from His Life.

It will not be an easy battle, because Satan is pretty determined to take you away from God.  But even Jesus battled all of the evil that Satan tried to put in His Path.  We must do the same.  Satan is out to DECEIVE…MANIPULATE…and to MISLEAD.  It is up to us to maintain TRUTH.