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The Purpose of Jesus Christ Speaking in Parables



Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, had the knowledge of a lot of things, while He roamed this earth. But He always focused on the Will that God, the Father of Creation, had for Him….That is in spreading the messages of what is expected of Mankind, in order to enter the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus Christ made it very clear that “the pathway and the gate are narrow, to enter the Eternal Kingdom.” God, the Father of Creation, only wants TRUE BELIEVERS.That is those who have completely understood what Unconditional Love means, especially to the extent to which His Son, Jesus Christ, demonstrated at the Cross, on Calvary. Now think about this for a second. Jesus already knew, that few here in this world would understand Love, in its purest form, on this earth. Yet, He was willing to give up His Earthly Life, even for the few. Though everyone has the opportunity and CHOICE out of their freewill, to study and know it….few will truly understand it.

So coming to my entry title, it should make more sense now. The disciples themselves had posed this question to Jesus Christ, as to why He spoke in parables. And so He goes on to anwer them, based on the Propbecy that Isaiah presented:

“These people will listen and listen, but do not understand; they will look and look , but not see, because their minds are dull, and they have stopped up their ears and have closed their eyes.Otherwise, their eyes would see, tbeir ears would hear, their minds would understand, and they would turn to me, says God, and I would heal them. As for you, how fortunate you are! Your eyes see and your ears hear.I assure you that many Prophets and many of God’s People wanted very much to see what you see, but they could not, and to hear what you hear, but they did not.” (Matthew 13:14-17)

So what do you think Jesus Christ meant by this? He says it very clearly here,  (Matthew 13:11-13) “The knowledge about the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven has been given to you, but not to them. For the person who has something will be given more, so that he will have more than enough; but the person who has nothing will have taken away from him even the little he has.The reason I use parables in talking  to them is that they look, but do not see, and they listen , but do not hear or




Those who faithfully seek the Eternal Kingdom, will have a heart and spirit that is strengthened with the Unconditional Love that Jesus Christ demonstrated through His Passion, Death, and Resurrection; and as a result have a fertile ground for the Holy Spirit to dwell. For in 1 John 2:27 it states, “But as for you, Christ has poured out His Spirit on you. As long as His Spirit remains in you, you do not need anyone to teach you. For His Spirit teaches you about everything, and  what He teaches is true, not false.Obey the Spirit’s teaching, then, and remain in union with Christ.”

Jesus Christ made it very clear that the knowledge for the Kingdom, has to be sought out faithfully not only in mind…but also with the intent of the heart and soul. And such things can only be seen by God alone. This is why Jesus Christ says, that deeds are not enough to enter the Eternal Kingdom. It is the purity of intent behind each action, that God looks at. From the service to Him, at Church; to the charitable donations made; and even to the everyday small deeds. This is when He sees a heart that Unconditionally Loves, despite their earthly conditions, and circumstances. A heart and soul who faithfully seeks His Truth.

Parables….they seem like fables and stories to some.But Jesus has made it very clear, that God’s Children will see them as more than that.

Prosperity Teaching Vs. Biblical Teaching

When you believe in a God who says His Ways are not of this world, why would His Rewards conform to the ways of this world? Why would He reward you for your earthly good deeds, by earthly measures? He is much more capable of providing so much more than what this earth, HIS CREATION, can provide. This is what I have a hard time understanding, that many Christians believe.

Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, was not given any royal earthly circumstances, nor anything of earthly value, while roaming this earth. And nor did He pursue any fame, fortune, or anything of earthly value, while He walked this earth. READ THESE SENTENCES AGAIN. So why, as CHRIST-ians would we think that God rewards us with earthly things, for things that honor Him. Are any of us any better than Jesus Christ, when it came to serving the Almighty God? Yet, look at His earthly “wealth”:

1.  He was born in a stable, and laid in a manger.

2. He lived as a Carpenter’s Son.

3. He spun His Own Clothes.

4. He ate whatever the earth provided Him.

5. He died the death sentence of a criminal; after being convicted of a crime He did not commit.

Where in all of this, does it say, that Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, was rewarded for His Good Deeds in the form of money, fame, or fortune? In fact He roamed with people who were considered as outcasts, and ostracized from the norm. Jesus said that He came here to be the physician of the “spiritually ill”. What I feel that a lot of my fellow Christian brothers and sisters, who believe in the “prosperity teaching” are missing is the Life Example the Jesus Christ left for us, altogether. God went to the extent of showing that He has no value for the world’s ways, through the life circumstances that He provided for His Own Son. Plain and simple.

If we call ourselves CHRIST-ians, we have to look at the Life Example that Jesus CHRIST left for us. To each of His 12 Disciples, that came from all different walks of life, He told them, “Give up everything, and follow me.” When the rich man asked Jesus Christ what will it take to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, other than following the 10 Commandments, and Mosaic Law, He said, ” Give up your wealth, and follow me.” For every miracle that Jesus performed, did God reward Him, with money, or wealth (in the form of a big house)? In fact Jesus Christ, roamed around, like a SHEPARD…a nomad.

Does God punish someone, while they roam this earth? No. Judgement comes after the person has left the earth. We are given life circumstances to walk in, and live in. In fact, throughout the Holy Bible, there are many examples from both the Old and New Testaments that all of God’s Servants were tested and tried in the earthly sense, which made them stronger in their faith. They were not free from trials. In fact, if God says He is not of the world’s ways, what does that say? That evil has dominion of the world’s ways? Maybe. So why would we aim for wealth, fame and fortune? Or why would we think that by the more we give to Church, the more God will bless us? We should give what we can to help God’s Ministry of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so that others can learn of His Unconditional Love at the Cross. But it is not right to say that the more you tithe, the more God will bless you. Or where does it say, that you must be doing thing right in God’s Eyes, if things are going smoothly in your life? Where does Jesus Christ say this? In fact, the closer you get to God, the more trials are going to be thrown at you, to throw you off the path to God. To discourage you from getting back on the path, once you have fallen off. God says He is not of the world’s ways. Holy Scripture says in addition, for that reason, God’s Children, who are faithful to His Laws of Divine Love, will be ridiculed and persecuted in this world.

As CHRIST-ians, we have to study the Life of Jesus Christ. We have to ask for God’s Guidance when reading Scripture, as to what is it He wants us to learn from His Son’s Life; and what is to come for us, as His Children, before His Son’s Return to the earth. In the Book of Revelations, Jude and John, God does say that His Children will be ridiculed and persecuted, some to the point of death. Did Jesus Christ, not show us this, within His Own Life? If giving in to human nature’s desires and wants is what caused Adam & Eve to sin, why would following our human nature, be pleasing or not a problem in the Eyes of God? Did Jesus Christ do that, in His Life on this earth? No. So who was it that said it was okay for us to give in to our human nature, and to do what we want? Well, who was it that said it was okay for Adam & Eve to do it? So where is this prosperity teaching originating from, my fellow CHRIST-ian brothers and sisters? Because Jesus CHRIST did not teach such things.

There is only ONE Jesus Christ; and He gave an example to STRIVE for. Will we ever come close to achieving that level of greatness? Only He could tell us this, on the Day of Judgement. So, my fellow Christian brothers and sisters, do not let anyone tell you that your “lack of things in this world” or “you should feel shame for not achieving or attaining a certain level of things”, is a result of a punishment from God for either not doing enough to honor Him; or because you did something to displease Him. It is simply not true. Jesus said, through His Many Parables that God will allow for the sun to set on both the good and evil in this world, all the same; until the Day of Judgement. So, what may seem beautiful or bountiful on this earth; may not be so pleasing in the Eyes of the Creator in the Eternal Kingdom.

Prosperity in this world is not what God has called for us to attain, as a reflection of how faithful we have been to God. God says He is not of the world’s ways. So He will not reward by earthly measures in abundance, but in just sufficient amounts. Or when you focus on attaining these things, you will not focus on God’s Ways. God sees the intent behind everything we do, to see if it honors His Ways of Unconditional Love or not. So we have to be focused on that above all else.



St. Rose of Lima Quote

What does this quote mean to you? Well to me, it means quite a bit. When we believe in a God that says He is not of the world’s ways, but beyond them, this quote clearly demonstrates what God expects of us. In a world, where God’s Existence is slowly disappearing, we begin to reshackle ourselves to the things of this world; to which can be manipulated and controlled by evil. Jesus Christ, upon dying on the Cross, unshackled us from all of this, to give us the freedom of living in the Light of God’s Love, which is devoid of any fear to what the ways of this world can bring upon us, in our earthly life. Jesus Christ showed us through His Own Life, and even in His Death, what is expected to enter the Kingdom of Eternal Life; to break ourselves from the world’s ways to which are in direct violation to God’s Divine Laws of Love, and to stand boldly in them. Jesus showed us that those who choose to take on their Call from the Father of Creation; would need to endure trials and persecution. They will need to take up their daily Cross, to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love. There simply is no other way, just as St. Rose had said in the quote above.

St. Thomas, in his Gospel, has also said, that Jesus said, “He who is near me is near the fire, and he who is far from me is far from the kingdom.”  So as we get stronger in our faith, and get one step closer in finding God, the Father, the more angry evil gets. And throws more trials and challenges at you, to doubt God’s Goodness and Greatness, and to fall off the path to God, to only reshackle yourself to the world’s ways, which are not of God’s. So we must endure, boldly. In fact, the more we face in this life, we must grow stronger in our faith in God. It is the strength that God can provide, to which we can conquer evil; and to not fear it in any way. The path in finding God and His Way to His Kingdom is not an easy one. In fact if we use our own human strength, we will fall off of it many times. The most wonderful thing about Yahweh is that He knows this of us, and still waits for us to come back to the path. His grace is so abundant, that He gives us till the last breath in our earthly bodies, to do so.

Jesus Christ, showed us that God asks us, as His Creations, to continue on the Path to the Kingdom of Heaven, in a way of Peace, Love, and Nonviolence. We are to love all, and not only those that love us back. To forgive, but to never forget, so that sins will not be repeated. To humble ourselves to every wrong act that we do, because though we may think it can be hidden on this earth; it can not be hidden in the Eyes of God. So repent to God for all that He inspires within your heart, that is a violation to His Divine Laws of Love.  Jesus Christ will judge on the intention of the hearts and souls; and not by actions alone. He has said this through out many of His Teachings. A heart rooted in God’s Laws of Divine Love, will always be called back to God, despite how far off they roam from His Path. But to continue on the path, St. Rose….St. Thomas….and even St. John (through his Book of Revelations) has stated that those that follow God’s Path to His Eternal Kingdom, will endure ridicule and persecution….some or even most, may continue on this path, to the point of death of their earthly bodies, to uphold God’s Divine Laws of Love. Did not Jesus Christ show this with His Own Death, of His Earthly Body? To uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love…to take on His Call of becoming the Salvation of Mankind….He died in the earthly sense. A death that surely was not that of nobility; but that of a criminal…of a crime he did not commit. God went to this extent to show through His Son, that the ways that are considered “great” in this world; are not so….in His Kingdom.

We must remember this. A road to God’s Kingdom is travelled by very few. If it was easy, then everyone would choose this path. God tells us through many of His Servants, that His Path does not conform to the world’s ways, but conforms to His Divine Laws of Love. And that it is only through Him, we will become victorious. NOT by our own strength, but God’s alone. So we must endure the trials joyfully, knowing that we are getting evil angry with each step we get closer to God’s Kingdom. “Fear no Evil…….”

Jesus Christ showed us that God should be first and foremost in our lives….

As Christians, we often lose sight of what it means to be a “Christian“….or to be a “CHRIST” -ian. In order to keep refining ourselves to what God has required of us to be, to enter His Eternal Kingdom, God sent down His Son, to not only save Mankind from the shackles of evil; but also to show us, what God expects of us in our lives on earth. As human beings, we have this most precious example to look to, of our lives. I like to say that Jesus Christ did not come to the earth to establish a religion; but to establish a way of life for all of Mankind, in accordance to God’s Divine Laws of Love. We all have a calling from God; not just the few. God had determined this, since the time we were conceived in our mother’s wombs. And until we fulfill those callings, God will expect for us to seek these callings from Him; and to follow through with them, while we are on this earth.

The life and teachings of Jesus Christ, had revealed to us so many things. It is so important that we take the time to study both of them, and apply them to our lives. Jesus showed us that God should always be the first and last thought in our minds, with each day we live. So that we can remain focused on His Existence and Love, in our earthly lives. This is how God and His Ways of Love get more engrained and rooted within our hearts. And even in our moments of weakness, we will understand how merciful the Father of Creation is, as long as we keep Him as a focus in our lives to the point that we hold ourselves accountable for our actions, and repent to God for the wrongs we commit. Because in the end, this is what will determine our entrance into God’s Eternal Kingdom; or not. God knows since the time Mankind committed its first sin, in the Garden of Eden, that we were very vulnerable to committing them over and over again. However, out of His Love for us, God’s Forgiveness and Grace are endless. He gives us till the last breath in our human bodies to try to repent and make things right with Him. However, once that last breath is taken, our time to make things right with Him, is up.

Jesus showed us that God can provide hope, despite the earthly circumstances in our lives. That God is beyond the ways of this earth; and that we should not value the ways of this earth, if we want to enter the Eternal Kingdom of the Almighty Father. We honor His Ways with all that we are, and know. Jesus showed us to defend God’s Laws of Divine Love, to the point of death of the earthly body. Jesus showed us that the earthly body is just a vessel; not the eternal soul that enters the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus showed us that upholding God’s Will and Purpose of our lives is what trumps ALL things of this earth. This is the most powerful weapon we have, to combat evil.

God judges on the intentions of the heart and souls of a person. Not solely by our actions. What separates those who enter the Kingdom, and those who don’t? The love for God one has in their hearts. The type of love that loves beyond the human body and mind. A love that has the strength to illuminate any path that it encounters. Such love, Jesus Christ showed us, comes through a unshaken faith in the Father of Creation. Jesus Christ showed us, through His Own Death and torture, that those rooted in God’s Love, endured such earthly suffering, and isolation….because they set their own earthly ways aside, and took on God’s Calling of them. To many, such warriors of God’s Divine Love, may appear as all alone, and poor. But these are the people who realized that God is beyond the ways of this world; and that His Ways are not of this world. These people have realized that the ways of this earth have pricetags that are determined on this earth; while God’s Ways are priceless, and could never be mimicked or bought.

Jesus showed us through His Life, that once a Child of God, has sought out their life purpose, that God’s Call of them, will become the center focus of their life and heart. When God is first and foremost, we realize the Truth behind the Power of His Love, and will not fear anything of this world; but only fear of disappointing the Father who endlessly showers His Love on us.

So put God, first and foremost in your life…..and see what His Purpose is of your life.

Never Regret Loving Someone That Does Not Return That Same Love Back



When it comes to love, in its purest form, where is its source? Think about the great power love carries?

It has been PROVEN to do the following:

1) To heal the most deepest of wounds of the heart.

2) To make enemies into friends.

3) To make the lonely feel loved.

4) To bring order to chaos.

5) To bring peace in war.

6) To find truth, even when lies are being told to you.

7) To revive a soul that is lost to darkness.

8) To unite, what was once broken.

And these are just the few that I can think of, off of the top of my head. These are such powerful actions, with permanent results that change Mankind for GOOD. For love to be this powerful, it must come from a source that is not found on this earth; but beyond it. God says He is beyond the world’s ways, and He is all the encompasses LOVE.

“This is how we know that we live in him and he in us: He has given us of his Spirit. And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world. If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they in God. And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment: In this world we are like Jesus. There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. We love because he first loved us. Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.”

-1 John 4: 13-21

So we must remember we LOVE not because that the world requires us to do so; but if we are God’s Children, we love because God requires us to love. And love in its purest form, is devoid of fear. No matter who it is, we are to love with the same intensity. We love not out of our own human instinct, but out of our origins from God. Plain and simple. Our trust is not in Man, because Man has proven, over and over again, that it has given in to its sinful human nature. Our trust is in God. And God will help us to discern what and whom is in accordance to His Ways or not. But no matter what, whether relative or friend; stranger or acquaintance; enemy or offender …. we are to love them. This is what God’s Ultimate commandment is. The evil within a person, or another living creature can only be seen by God. It is God who leads us in knowing; not by our own doing.

God’s rewards are based on the purity of the heart and soul. And this purification can only come from going to the source of Love, which is God. That purity will be sensed by all. And it is not the shame of this pure soul, to love and trust unconditionally in what God has commanded for it to do. God will show ALL THOSE THAT have hurt such a soul; or even taken advantage of such a soul, the WRATH of harming one of His Children. This wrath is if far more PERMANENT, than any injustice that evil orchestrates through such people, as its wrath, to harm such a soul. So, shame on the person who lies to a pure soul, for the sake of committing the 7 deadly sins. Though a heart of such a soul will be scarred; God has seen how that scar was made; and will get justice for His Children, with whom who caused that scar or wound to them. But we have to continue to love.  God’s Love TRULY does conquer all; and we must endure the trials of this earth; that require our hearts being scarred, bruised, and wounded, to perfect the love within ourselves… to make our hearts worthy enough to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Trials & Tribulations


For every believer in a God who says He is not of the ways of this world, they must ask themselves, “Are they ready to endure the times of trials and tribulations?” God says, you must not value the ways of this world, that are not derived by Him. And He makes it very clear as to which ways are in accordance to Him, and those that are not. Just as Jesus Christ showed us with His Own Time on Earth, that those that uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love, have to endure the trials and tribulations, because those that truly do what God expects of all His People, they will understand through these trials and tribulations, that God truly is not of the world’s ways, but beyond them. Jesus showed us that even as the Son of God, that He wanted to endure the same earthly trials that we, as God’s Children on this Earth, endure, so that He can show us, just how much God loves us, and to show us truly that HE IS NOT OF THE WORLD’s WAYS, but beyond them.

I think one thing that people seem to loose sight of, when it comes to Jesus Christ is that God knows the evil that exists in the world. The very fact that Jesus Christ came to die, as the Salvation for Mankind, demonstrates this. But God has decided that He wants true believers in His Divine Laws of Love; in His Eternal Kingdom with Him and His Saints.  Not just “lukewarm” people; and definitely not “cold” people, that can be easily swayed by evil. He wants people who are strong, and adamant for God’s Laws of Divine Love. Such ways, as Jesus demonstrated with His Own life or ways of Nonviolence and Love. For any injustice done to us on this earth, we are to leave justice in the Hands of our Creator; because it is not up to us to seek that justice…WRATH is one of the 7 deadly sins. God’s Wrath for doing so, is far worse than anything that happens to us in this world. For any pain that we endured, God can heal it to its entirety; as opposed to any healing done so here, on this earth, w/temporary measures. We are to “turn the other cheek”. Jesus Christ demonstrated this to the extreme of death on the Cross…..are you ready to endure, such a trial, to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love?

Because you see, power and money, can only take you so far. God says, that you can only enter His Kingdom, by giving up these things, because these are things that are bound by the ways of this world. A heart that is childlike in love and purity, is what enters the Kingdom of Heaven. What does this mean? Does a child have any value for money? Does a child value clothes or cars or homes? Such things, in its EARTHLY value are unknown to a child. But they value what is right and wrong. They value love and peace. These are things that truly make a child happy. This is what God means by this. They endure pain, but only to the point of that moment. Look at how easily they forgive….THIS IS WHAT JESUS MEANT TO HAVE FAITH LIKE A CHILD.

Trials and Tribulations, in the Book of Revelations, God has made it very clear that His People will endure great trials. In fact, He asks us, that if we are certain of His Truth, are we ready to uphold His Words to the point of death to our human bodies. God’s people will endure more and more trials, to throw them off the Path to the Heavenly Father. Evil’s time is running out on the earth, and Satan is trying to claim as many souls AWAY from God. His most prized possessions would be those that were once on the path. We must grow strong in our faith, so that we can have our foundations in God, solidified. We must recognize that battle that we are in, is not the of physical realm (despite what we see and hear on this earth); but of a spiritual realm. We must know, through the story of Adam and Eve, that our human strength is no match for what we need to endure the trials of this battle. Our own human understanding and strength is no match at all! Jesus states that, “We should not rely on our own understanding…” And as He demonstrated at the Cross….that it is only through God’s own strength, can we conquer the trials that evil throws at us. God’s people know this…and with the Book of Revelations, God’s People know that it is not earthly victory that we seek; but a spiritual victory. There is no fear of earthly trials or consequences, when you stand by ways that honor God; and the truth of the Eternal Kingdom.

Remember God’s People are not DEVOID of any problems or TRIALS. GOD clearly states that they are FULL of them; because they are constantly being tried to be taken away from God’s Path, by evil. So endure the TRIALS boldly, and proudly. Because the more trials you face, the more threatened evil is getting by your faith in the ALMIGHTY GOD, that says He is not of this world’s ways, but BEYOND them. And if your life is rather problem free on this earth, you should worry, that means evil is not threatened by how you lead your life….you’re going along the path that it wants you to go on…conforming to the ways of this world.

How is your faith these days? Are you scared to die for the Almighty God, and His Divine Laws of Love? If you know God, He says you shouldn’t. Because when we decided to go on the Path seeking God, we would have endured so many trials that our tolerance is already higher for adversity in the earthly sense. And we die a little each time, from the ways of this world, with each victory over a trial we get, in the Name of the Almighty God. So death of the earthly body should not be feared. God says He is not of the earth’s ways, but beyond them.

Prosperity vs. Persecution

death of the 12 apostles

The 12 Apostles believed in the Prosperity of God, that Jesus taught them, that they wanted to share it with all of us. They knew that their earthly life was nothing in comparison to the life that God can offer them. Which is why they lived in accordance to His Ways…to the point of death. Just as Jesus Christ showed them through His Life.


If we look through out the history of those that have changed Mankind, in a way of Nonviolence, Love, and Spiritual Enlightenment, what do they all have in common? A life that is devoid in valuing the things of this world. In fact they went as far as spinning their own clothes, or to living a life of a nomad. Living a life, where they are not ID’ed by their profession or wealth. Simply known for the love that they shared and preached to others. They were known for putting others before themselves, by letting their hearts to be seen boldly.

In the Bible it states, that in the end of times, the once acceptable will become unacceptable; and the once unacceptable will become acceptable. God says in the Book of Revelations that those that believe in Him, and His Ways to Righteousness, will be persecuted, even to the point of death. Isn’t that what Jesus Christ showed us with His Own Life and Death? So not only did Jesus teach us about what God expects of us, while we have this time on the earth; but He SHOWED us with His Life, that it is not an easy path to travel on. For God’s Ways no longer rule this earth. It is that of evil that does…and God Ways are above and beyond the world’s ways. His Blessings and Rewards are nothing in comparison to that of anything that this world can offer you. But you have to see this. You have to believe this. To the point, as Jesus showed us on the Cross, of death. His 12 apostles understood this, which is why they spread the truth of God’s Gospel, as Jesus taught them, knowing that they will be resisted, persecuted, and ridiculed. But did it anyway. So, let me ask you, brothers and sisters, how is your faith these days? This way is not meant for the few, but by all. The question is, how many of us will choose to do so….

By coming down to live amongst us, Jesus Christ, the Living God, knew He was born to die, in order to save all of Mankind from Evil’s Wrath. As a Living God, He could have came in the form of an earthly King, with all the riches of the earth. He could have died a noble death, full of honor and glory. BUT HE DIDN’T. This is the extent God went through to show you that the things that are considered RICH or of HIGH VALUE in this world, ARE NOT in His Kingdom. This is the extent God went through to show us that the things of this world that are POOR or considered LOW in VALUE; ARE of great value in the Kingdom of Heaven. God does not define His Ways that are of this world; but of the Kingdom Up Above. So why do we, as human beings, keep looking…saying…that earthly rewards, which are temporary in nature, are God’s Blessings? His rewards are permanent, and eternal.

The Prophet Job’s story is also a great one. He is a man that had it all in the earthly sense; and at the same time, was faithful to God. And when everything was taken away from him, his faith was tested. Our faith in God should surpass everything, even our own selves. Evil will try to manipulate everything of the human condition and body, in order to take you away from the greatness that God created for you to be; in His Image, as His Child in Heaven. And we can not conquer this with our own human strength; this is how Adam and Eve fell to sin and temptation, in the Garden of Eden. This can only be conquered through how much God’s Gospels are rooted within our hearts and souls. Evil will say that it can give you all the fame, fortune, and wealth on this earth; however, once you attain such things, you have no choice but to serve it. God says that He will allow for you to make the choice to choose His Ways or those of the Evil One. And those are endless, while you are alive on this earth. God says He will give you till the last breath of your earthly body, to make the right choice; and even if you once made the choice and strayed away, you have the choice of coming back.

God also did say that because His Ways are not of this world that this world, and the evil that runs it, will persecute those that decide to follow Him. Isn’t that what Jesus Christ showed with His Own Life? That the ways of this world will ridicule you for what you believe in accordance to God’s Ways, because the “once acceptable, are now unacceptable.” Prosperity on this earth is all temporary. It can be taken away with one swipe of God’s Hand. But things that came by way of God Himself, will be everlasting.

As we get closer to the end of times, we see so much turmoil in this world. Have we become closer to God; or further away from Him? Have we forgotten Him; and think of ourselves at the same level as Him….How can a creation be at the same level as the Creator? Whether we believe in God or not, there will come a day where we will all have to answer to Him…for all the things we did in our lifetimes. This is why Jesus said, to repent…and to throw all of your burdens and cares unto Him…and He will give you rest.

It is clearly stated in the Holy Bible, “Who is first on this earth, will be last in my Kingdom; and whomever is last on this earth, will be first in my Kingdom.”


Do not compromise God’s Eternal Paradise, for the sake of temporary prosperity on this earth; but go through the persecution of this earth, to receive God’s eternal prosperity.