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Satan Will Always Try to Discredit God’s Children: This is Why Jesus Christ Said, “The Last on this Earth Will Be the First; and the First Will Be the Last to Enter God’s Kingdom.”


As we have seen through the many Prophets that walked before us, they did not gain the acceptance of their peers, the times they roamed the earth. In fact, the things that they said, wrote, and even preached, were often things that made them outcasts in society, and often gave them a rather difficult life. However, due to the conviction of the Holy Spirit that made them say and write about things of the Eternal Kingdom of God, their surrounding earthly circumstances (to which Satan can manipulate for his evil purpose) did not stop them from doing so.

If we have answered the call to enter the path towards the Eternal Kingdom of God, we must remember this. More importantly it is important to become Prayer Warriors. It is a Spiritual War that we are in as Humanity against Evil. Evil’s agenda is to take us further away from Divinity, to which it was originally created to be. The spiritual warfare that we are in requires us to have spiritual tools that will help us to combat evil, and this is by tapping into our connection with God, the Father of Creation. This was reestablished through the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. That means by covering ourselves with the Blood of Jesus Christ (since He was the Sacrificial Lamb for Humanity to God) and praying we tap into that relationship. This requires a dedication, that will demand us to spend as much time as possible with God, the Father. The closer we get in our paths towards the Eternal Kingdom, we will begin to see the world, the way God, the Father views the world and its ways. God did instruct Humanity that His Ways do not conform to the ways of the world, but are beyond them. Therefore, as God’s Children, we will face great trial through which Satan and His Demons will throw at us, in order to get us off of the path….to discredit us in front of those that started to listen to God’s Children. Should this stop God’s Children from praying and finding their way back towards the path to the Eternal Kingdom……NO! We should continue marching on, like God’s Soldiers, with Jesus Christ as our Commander in Chief, who guides us through the Holy Spirit, in following the Divine Laws of Love of the Eternal Kingdom.

If the life was easy, then everyone would do it. If it was easy, the Jesus Christ would have said that the path is WIDE to enter the gates of Heaven; and only a few do not make it to being the Presence of God and His Throne Room. Instead, He states,” Narrow is the path…” and “to take up your Cross and follow Me….”. Do not get discourage my fellow brothers and sisters. Remember the many Prophets…remember the Life and Death of our Commander in Chief Himself, Jesus Christ! We are called to a “difficult” earthly life. We should only take it as a privilege that we are called to take part in sufferings, to understand that if Christ Jesus, Himself, was not exempt from such earthly trials as He roamed the earth, then who are we to think that we are any better than He, to lead a life free of trials? We must grow stronger in our faith, just like those that walked before us, through Prayer, Fasting, and reading the Word of God. When we grow stronger in our faith, we will begin to see things of this world differently, and we will be able to discern the deception of evil.




Longsuffering is Needed: Refiner’s Fire


Many people seem to miss the whole meaning of “Refiner’s Fire”. But just recently, I have been thinking through, with the help of the Gospel, as to what it means. Jesus’ Life has been opening my Eyes to so many things. And I wish others would examine the great learning tool that Jesus left behind, not only through His Teachings, but also through His Life Example.

As human beings we fear pain any kind. We fear suffering of any kind. Of course there is always the pathological side of things where people enjoy pain. Notice that I used the word “pathological” in describing this. Yes, this would not be normal. There is a difference in intent. God ALWAYS judges on the INTENT. ONLY HE CAN SEE INTENT. The intent of BOTH is the tool of Satan. To instill fear to the point of being crippled spiritually; and to instill pleasure..also to cripple spirituality.

When we choose to Walk the Path to God, there are many tests to break down PRIDE; and to bow down in Humbleness before the Father of Creation. The trials thrown at us during our life paths, serves to establish this, and to refine our faith. SO..WHEN PEOPLE SAY, THAT THEY DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE….AND THAT YOU HAVE TO LIKE ME FOR ME….Well, there is something wrong with that kind of thinking. In fact, especially when you are caught up in the ways of the world, to which God clearly states in the Holy Bible, that He is not a part of…THERE IS A NEED TO CHANGE, IN ORDER TO ENTER HIS PARADISE FOR ETERNITY. In fact, He gives us till the last breath in our earthly bodies to do so. So there is no time frame for changing, other than when your time here on earth is over. And no one, other than God, knows that for sure. So each day, is an opportunity to change…to refine yourself in perfect faith with the Father of Creation.

When Jesus, as the Son of God, walked this earth, though being a member of the MOST HIGH COURT, he wanted to show us this through His Life. He endured what we endure on this earth…and even more, for the sake of taking away some of that additional pain, on our behalf. He showed us, that the moment we decide to follow God’s Path, we will run into opposition from Satan, the Enemy, to rejoin the ways of this world, which are of his. So, if we have till the last breath in our human bodies to make things right in the Eyes of God, is this life a short path of suffering and opposition? NO! NO! NO!

The Enemy wants to deceive you and say, that there is no need to suffer. That he can give you everything of this earth, in the palm of your hand. Sure, with selling your soul to him. By conforming to this, you have put an earthly price tag to what Jesus died for, with His Priceless, Precious Blood. Satan wants you to believe that all happiness can be found on this earth, in knowledge, in materialistic things, and even in false spirituality. This is why it is so important to refine our faith, by having a daily relationship with God, of our own. Because this is when you open yourselves up to God, and give Him a place to enter, and guide you to what ways are of Him and His Divinity, and what ways are of evil and of this earth. Jesus has said, that we should give up all, and follow Him. That is to separate ourselves in mind, body, and soul, from the ways of this world.

As long as we are on this earth, where the ways are of that of the Enemy, it will be a lifelong path of suffering. But the difference is….is…(wait for it)….THE INTENT! If we endure this path, with God first in our lives, it will not appear as suffering, but as the “Will of God”. When we realize that God’s Ways are nothing in comparison to what the human mind and heart can comprehend…in its perfection and generosity…we will see that we have to break away and follow God. This is what Jesus demonstrated with His Life, Death, and Resurrection. He did not walk around as a “King” in the earthly sense. In fact, He walked around, as what many would call, as a pauper. And died the sentence of a criminal. There was nothing of nobility of this earth, to which Jesus possessed in His Hands. This is the extent God went to show, how we should lead our lives. It is when Jesus Christ died on the Cross, that He ended the rule of Evil; reestablished the pathway between God and Mankind (which was originally broken upon Satan introducing sin into the Garden of Eden); and now evil and its demons are running around quite crazily, trying to obtain away from God, as many souls as it can. Remember, as each day goes by, it is one day closer to the end of times. We may not know the exact hours; but that is the reality. And it will get harder to distinguish between God’s Truth and evil’s deception, as the days go by; because evil will try to twist and manipulate God’s Words from its TRUE meaning. And only until you speak to God Himself, and get stronger in that relationship with God, you will be able to know the difference. Jesus said, “Truth is not seen or heard; but felt.” IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!

There is a need to change! And for those who think that there is not…Jesus will remind you one day! There is a need to be humble before the Father of Creation…because He will one day show you why!

So endure your “Refiner’s Fire” with God as your strength; and you will see what you can overcome, which will be beyond all human logic. Because human logic is restricted; and evil wants you to remain restricted.