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Being a Victim of Satan’s Envy

satan's bait

As seekers on the path to God’s Eternal Kingdom, we must remember that God says His Ways do not conform to the world’s ways but are beyond them. So, if our lives focus and center around valuing the things of this world, we should seriously reconsider the path we are on, if we consider ourselves and God’s Children. The Life Example that Jesus Christ (Yeshua, Yeshuay, Yeshu Christu) showed us while He roamed this earth, should show us what should be the focus of our lives, and how we should conduct ourselves. Granted because of our sinful human nature, this kind of a life is often very difficult for our weak human nature to conform to. Because of the sin introduced by Satan in the Garden of Eden, we are prone to going against the perfection to which God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) created for us to be. This was Satan’s gameplan from the very beginning to make God’s most prized possessions to stray off of the path to the Eternal Kingdom, and to take away as many souls as he could from the Kingdom. He knew what he could never have again, and that is to sit in the Holy Presence of God, the Father of Creation, due to his sin, as Lucifer, of pride (of knowing that at one time he was God’s highest ranked angel), vanity (of thinking that he could be equal to God), and envy (of Humanity being God’s most prized creation, and possibly outranking him in the Eternal Kingdom); it ate him up so much that he took 1/3 of the angels from the Kingdom, and transformed into Satan.

We must remember that because we are called to be God’s Children, we will always be the target of Satan and his demons. This is why we will endure extreme trials in our lives. For those who are stronger in their Walks on the Path to the Eternal Kingdom, the trials will be more severe, and even at times, as we have seen with our brothers and sisters in parts of the East, to the point of death. Jesus Christ (Yeshua, Yeshuay, Yeshu Christu) showed us that we should uphold God’s Divine Laws of Love at all costs, even to the point of Death. Because even this earthly body can hold us captive to the sinful human nature. Those who are the path to God, sees right through the deception of evil, which are restricted to the ways of this world. Those who have understood Christ’s Mission on the Cross, know that there is something more than the ways of this world; and that they will be the victims of Satan’s envy.

So if you are “trial free” in your life; you should consider, is your spiritual journey truly on the right path? And if you have trials, you should consider, are they occurring because of your own choices or actions….or is it because of you truly following the path of the Divine Laws of Love, of the Eternal Kingdom. True, we are to be happy and at peace, but that is even during the chaos in the world; not because of earthly things, circumstances, and ways to bring such things to us. It means to unconditionally love, not to love based on the conditions of the circumstance, or to what is convenient. It is not greatness on this earth that we should be striving for, because God says His Ways are beyond the ways of this world. Satan will use any life circumstance and person, for his purpose, to take a Child of God off of the path of meeting Him, and entering into the Eternal Kingdom; because his realm is restricted to the ways of this world. He wants to bring so much affliction on God’s Children in order for them to get just as angry at God, as he has; for them to give up the path to the Eternal Kingdom, so that they will not enter it, just like he can never do again. He wants you to feel that lack of peace and pain, of never meeting God, the Father of Creation, just like he does. He wants you to become so tired and weary of following the path to the Eternal Kingdom (because it would require for one to go against what is easy, and to travel a path not followed by many). He wants you to forget about God’s Unconditional Love; and even for your to be too tired to take advantage of the direct link that Jesus Christ reestablished for Humanity by dying on the Cross, PRAYER. Satan destroyed it for a reason in the Garden of Eden (where Adam and Eve had a direct connection in communicating with God, with their sinless human nature); so that we will be lost forever; but Jesus Christ was able to connect us against through the shield He offered through the blood that He gave to cover our sins, if we chose to see what He did.

So, my brothers and sister, hold close guard over your souls. This is the one task that God gave us, once he breathed life into us. He gives us the choice everyday, for us to seek His Guidance in our daily lives, to help us protect our souls from being lost to the same Eternity that Satan and his demons have. We will have to endure earthly trials, and the closer we get in our paths, the more convicted we get in our walks to the Eternal Kingdom, the more sever our trials will get. Satan will not go after those that have already conformed to his ways; so no need for the trials. They are not a point of envy or a threat to his plan. He already has their souls. He wants to steal the souls that God already has called, and convicted to come to His Eternal Kingdom. We must put on the Armor of God everyday, and cover ourselves in the Shield of Protection that Jesus Christ (Yeshua, Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay) gave us through the shedding of His Blood on the Cross at Calvary, by being God’s Sacrificial Lamb, to save Humanity….so that we can discern the deception of evil, and reach the Eternal Kingdom.

Conflict between Mankind and God: The Human Mind (PART I)

mapping of the brain

The Human Mind is not only the most important organ in the body; but also out of all organs, the least known about. It is considered the center for all human functioning. It is the first organ system to develop in the human body, during human developmental stages, inside a mother’s womb; and the final organ whose functioning determines the quality of life for a human being.

Outside of the biological functioning of the Human Mind; the state of mind of a person is really what I am going to focus on, in this entry. This is usually determined or even molded based on our life experiences; and to some extent, even genetics. However, genetic predisposition on personalities, are constantly being debated in the medical world. Me, personally, I think the environment still can trump such things. Human nature is very resilient in that way. Just see how a child constantly adjusts to his/her environment. See how animals in the wild constantly adjust to their surroundings. God’s Creations have that power to adjust, and overcome.

Life experiences include daily life occurences, as well as home grooming, and education background. And even the outlook of how to examine life experiences really has to do with how you examine or evaluate life experiences. Perspective, if you will. Perspective often comes from having a belief system, to direct the evaluation of such things. In the end, God has implanted His Codes of Conduct, and even a sense of belonging…no matter what path we take on this earth. This has been proven over and over again; from the deep villages in the jungles of this world, to the biggest cities…people always tap into what God has put within each of us, since the time we were conceived in our mother’s wombs. What causes the differences in outcomes of life circumstances? Well, very simple. Whether we listen for those nudgings from God; or what others may like to call, “gut feelings”. We like to use our flawed human logic for things.YES, I SAID IT! FLAWED HUMAN LOGIC. Now I myself, come from a science background, and I could tell you, that even the greatest of scientists have found limitations in their search in trying to explain everything, with their scientific findings. Sure, to every experiment there are many HYPOTHESES; but few become THEORIES, becoming the SOLE explanation for something.

I mean GOD THOUGHT OF EVERYTHING! That is how amazing God is. It’s like He put a safety lock for us, on everything that evil would try to manipulate, in taking us away from Him. The problem is by giving us the choice to choose to tap into these safeties, many of us keep making the WRONG choice in His Eyes. He gave us all of the tools, and information needed to make the RIGHT choice, but we just decide to not to listen or learn from them. I can not stress more, the importance of the 7 DEADLY SINS.

1. Greed
2. Gluttony
3. Lust
4. Pride
5. Sloth
6. Wrath
7. Envy

These 7 things are what is causing the downfall of Mankind. We all are guilty of commiting them. But how many of us, think twice, in preventing becoming a 2nd or 3rd time offender? I think out of all of these, there is ONE that trumps them all, and gives rise to the other 6….PRIDE. Pride is what made Lucifer into Satan…which led to him being kicked out of Heaven by the Father of Creation; and his envy of God’s Love for Mankind, and for never being able to step foot back into Eternal Paradise, led to his wrath in leading as many souls away from God. This is the SPIRITUAL WARFARE that we are all a part of.

Stay Tuned for the 2nd part of this Blog Discussion….

God's Will

Defend God and His Goodness At All Costs


In this day and age, it is becoming harder and harder to distinguish between God‘s Goodness, and the false deception of Evil.  This is why Jesus Christ has said, that “Truth is not seen or heard; but felt.”  So what did Jesus Christ mean by saying this to Pontius Pilate?  Well this is what I understand from it.

There will come a time that even the things we see and hear within our lives will be quite deceiving.  It is will be hard to determine if it is the actual truth of God, or the lies of Satan.  Since Satan was at one point, one of God’s highest ranked of Arch Angels (as Lucifer), would he not know the words of God, just as Michael and Gabriel?  Of course.  What is the difference when it is professed by Satan?  He knows how to twist the truth within those words to work for this goal and intention…and that is to keep us away from entering the Kingdom of God.  And why would he do that?  For one simple reason….as revenge against God, for kicking him out of the Kingdom.  He wants to keep each one of us from the eternal happiness and joy  that he knows that exists in God’s Kingdom.

How do we counter the Deception of EvilIt is by having a relationship with God.  We must daily have a communication with God, and tap into His Words of Love….and what you will see unfold before you, upon the development of this relationship is wisdom that is beyond all human logic, and felt within yourself.  And a feeling of fearing nothing of this earth, and anything of evil.  You will become faithful in updholding God’s Truth, at all earthly costs.  Becaust THIS  is what becomes more important than anything else that one knows within themselves.  Your conscience will become so rooted in seeking God and His Words of Truth…that anything that you do within your life will be counter checked by the wisdom that God reveals to you, in your realationship with Him. Your conscience will not be clear until it is cleared by God’s Approval….of things being set right with Him.

What people forget is that God did not call for all of us to PERFECT.  He called for us to be faithful in seeking Him, no matter how lost we get within this world…now running rampant with Evil.  Yeshu Christu came to this Earth…to show us how to defeat Evil and its works.  He showed us through His many miracles, and healings…that God is willing to forgive anything…as long as we seek that forgiveness from Him.  It can not be a simple request…but a longing of the heart and soul…. that is yearning to change.  God sees all of that…..and will reward accordingly.

It is not by what we achieve on this earthly realm that determines our success in God’s Eyes, but by the extent we go to uphold God’s Truth that determines this.  God sees that, not matter how much evil tries to throw God’s Faithful off track.  Jesus did it to the point of death on the Cross….and those who were truly transformed by Jesus’ Example all did the same….in a way of Nonviolence…Love….and Peace.  Jesus regained the Earth and Mankind, upon dying on the Cross at Calvalry.  It is now up to us, to use the tools that He gave us to uphold God’s Truth and Love…..no matter the earthly cost.

As the end of times grow nearer…we see it is harder to determine what is God’s Truth and Satan’s Deception.  Jesus said that God’s Truth if felt….that feeling can only come through developing a daily relationship with God…so that He can help you discern that truth from deception.  It is a spiritual battle now…..and no earthly tool or weapon can hold up in such a battle….only a spiritual one.  Become stronger in your faith…for that tool is the only weapon you will have against evil.  Evil wants to confuse you…don’t let him do that.  By becoming stronger in your faith…..your heart and soul will not be shaken.  Because you have a God that is beyond the world’s ways (that are grounded in evil)….and fighting for you.