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Famous Sayings of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.


If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.


Intense love does not measure, it just gives.


Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love everywhere you go.


There must be a reason why some people can afford to live well. They must have worked for it. I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things that we could use.



Earthly Happiness is Temporary; Spiritual Happiness is Permanent


In the world today, many of people focus on instant gratification for happiness.  Focusing on the physical means of attaining happiness.  Well, just as the word “instant” indicates, it is “for the moment”.  If you seek such things for happiness, don’t you think that there will be a moment where you will not be able to find an item or object , person, or moment; that will give you happiness?  Some of the most successful people in the world would tell you that they do not feel complete, or fulfilled.  Despite having an abundance in earthly wealth, they never seem satisfied with it all.  Yet, some of the most poorest people, in the earthly sense, are abundant in love…share even the littlest amounts that they have with others.  In the Bible, Jesus Christ has recognized the love by such people, as being anchored in faith in the Father Creation, the Almighty God.  There are many examples in the Bible about people who travelled from far away distances to meet Jesus, based on their faith in God’s Plan for all of Mankind.  It began with the shepards and the 3 Wise Kings travelling to meet the Baby Jesus at His Birth.  God brought these people together, from differnt walks of life, to show that His Love for them, will be carried out by the life and purpose of this Infant Jesus.  It showed that they walked the earthlydistance, without even thinking twice, because they knew the Divine Purpose of their journey.

God has stated many times that He is above and beyond the ways of this world.  And whatever is impossible by Man, is possible through Him. When you believe in God, who says He is beyond any earthly parameter, then you will see that He will do exactly what He promises to do.  Look at the animals in the wild, the trees that stand tall in the fields, the birds that fly in the sky….they do not worry about a thing.  They know God will provide for them, from moment to moment.  They do not fear to the point of violating God’s Laws, the way humans beings have now become.  If God keeps His Promise even to the smallest of His Creations on Earth, why do we, as humans doubt that He will not do the same for us?  Does not the animals trust God, that in HIS time things will be provided to live? The conflict is when human beings believe that things are not provided in THEIR time.  It clearly states in the Bible that God does ALL  things, in HIS time.  That is what the life of Jesus Christ should have taught us.  That we TRUST God’s Plan for our lives.  We must TRUST in the timing of things in our lives.  We must TRUST Him for our livelihood and happiness.  When you are spiritually fulfilled, nothing of this earth can bring you down; because it is God, who says He is beyond the world’s ways, that provides you with tat happiness and fulfillment.

If you look at anyone that has been successful with fame and fotune in the earthly sense, they always feel “something is missing from their lives”; that they do not feel complete or alone, despite be surrounded by fans and employees that almost worshpped them.  These were the words of famous people like Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin, and Princess Diana; just to name a few.  It makes you wonder, what is the price of earthly fame and fortune on this earth; to make someone so blind to the reality around them.  Mother Teresa once said, “For every dime you have over your neighbor that is suffering without food on their table, clothes on their back, and a roof over their head;  you have stolen it from them.”  But then you look at all those who chose to take a life path, that changed Mankind forever like Mahatma Gandhiji, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama…they chose their life paths based on the callings that God has put within them, as they followed their spiritual paths in seeking Him.  They transformed the world with their love for God.  And it all began, not in the big ways of life…but in being faithful to God in the everyday small things in their life.  God demonstrated through the life and death of His Son, Jesus Christ, that it is not by how much you own in this world, that determines your success with the life He gave you on this Earth; but by being faithful in your Love to Him, everyday.  He asks you to talk to Him, just like Jesus did.    You can yell and scream at Him…it’s okay.  He will be there to listen to the pain.  Acknowledge His Existence….love Him.

The true test of peace and happiness in oneself, is to think in your bad moments, what are things that you think about that make those moments bearable?  Is it the million dollar home that you bought?  Is it the Mercedes Benz in your driveway?  Will these things be by your side when you are shedding tears?  Or what about the celebrities that we worship and idolize?  Are they there for you in those moments to help you?  That’s what really gets me, at times.  God shows us everyday how much He loves us by giving us another day to wake up and live.  The love shown by a parent, sibling, friend, child..or even a stranger trumps anything of this earth.  We must become those “strangers” that are willing to plant the seeds of God’s Love.  To show everyone in times of darkness and heartache, that God’s Love can be found anywhere.

Will you be that beacon for someone?  IT takes great strength to believe in something that we can not see or hear with our Human Eyes and Ears.  Jesus has siad, “Truth is not seen or heard, but felt.”  God asks us to feel the truth of His Existence and Love…not to ask for proof of it.  Isn’t that what the trees do?  Isn’t that what the birds in the sky do?  They just feel the truth.

Many say, believing in God is weak, because you do not want to face what’s in this world.  Well, I challenge this question today…It’s easy to believe in something that is in front of your face…but how many different truths have you seen and heard? God’s Truth is constant…with one story line.  He says He’s beyond the world’s ways, so why would He use worldly means to show His Truth and Existence?  Spiritual Happiness will allow for you to “feel that truth” of God…because you do not depend on the earthly means that can be manipulated.  God is in everywhere and in everything.  Do not be blinded by seeking earthly evidence of this….but continue to grow in your faith and relationship with God..and begin to “feel the proof” of His Love.  And I guarantee, unlike the celebrities mentioned, and many others who “feel alone”….you will NEVER feel alone.  God will be felt all around you.  Have faith like a child, and you will see the inconquerable joy that God can give you to endure all that evil will throw at you on this earth.  Just as Jesus did.

We must not live for the ways of this World


As I meditate on the life of Jesus Christ; and see how those who have been inspired by His Life have translated that understanding, within their own lives; there is one resounding thought that comes into my mind:

“If God said, He is not of the ways of this world; then we, in our service to God, must serve the Father of Creation, in the same manner…with a heart that is not bound to the ways of this world.”

It is true, that we were all created for a purpose on this earth.  But why do we think of such grandiose ideas?  I think that is the earthly mentality that makes us think that way.  If you look at all those that have changed Mankind; their changes began with simple acts in their everyday lives, to which they attributed as their calling within their lives.  For instance, Mother Teresa felt that she needed to focus her ministry as a Nun, with the poor of India.  And she face a lot of roadblocks, in doing this.  However, it went to the point where she ended up , just walking away from the original convent that she originally belonged to, to pursue serving the poor on her own by walking in the streets everyday, to see how she can help them by preaching about God’s Love to them.   Mahatma Gandhi was a man that saw injustice of racial prejudice of the Indians in colonial India.  He began within his hometown; which eventually inspired others to do the same.  He saw that the injustice of modern slavery in his homeland needed to stop…not by fighting with weapons or by spewing insults.  But by questioning why certain things were being done in his homeland; and by not cooperating if things done were in violation of God’s Laws of Love.  It was the modern Nonviolence Movement.  He started as ONE MAN; whose one simple realization and the desire to stand up to a violation of God’s Love; inspired the 2nd largest democratic nation in the world, to gain their Independence from their British Colonial Rulers, by a means of Nonviolence.  And this is a nation that consisted of many different religious beliefs.  In fact, a nation that gave birth to all agnostic relgions on this earth, were able to stand as ONE, in total agreance to God’s Love being violated.  Such acts, when done in utter obedience to God, leave PERMANENT results for the betterment of Mankind.


It is being faithful in the everyday things, in how we serve God, that earns us favor in His Eyes.  By constantly being aware of Him and His Existence…as to what will and will not be pleasing in His Eyes.  The PR for ourselves, is not to MAN; but to the One who Created you, into being.  God sees what the world does not see; and that is the purity of the heart.  That only comes with unbinding your heart, in desiring the things of this world, and connecting it with God’s Divine Unconditional Love.  That is when the things of this world will no longer matter; and God Ways will anchor such a heart.  We start by being faithful in the everyday things within our lives.  Then the larger things will also fall in place.  God’s ways do not require monetary investment, that is an earthly means.  It requires the investment of the self.  God has already given you all of the tools you need to serve Him; we just need to be more conscience of them.

When we focus on the things of this world are not your focus, the ways of this world that try to hurt you, will not.  It might keep you back, or cause a temporary setback.  However, by going through Evil’s Trials of this Earth; you will only refine your heart, through a Refiner’s Fire. Bringing out the heart of diamond, that is grounded in God’s Love.

A Collage of My Personal Heroes in History

St. Alphonsa Muttathupadathu

Jesus Christ


St. Thomas, The Apostle (a.k.a. The Doubter)


Mahatma Gandhi and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


St. Mother Teresa