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If it was easy, everyone would do it.


If it was easy, everyone would do it. This is why Jesus Christ states that the pathway is narrow to the Kingdom of God, and few will enter. The earth is a spiritual jungle, and it is important to understand this. And what does living things do within a jungle, they are constantly trying to survive. In the spiritual jungle, we have to do this. Because for humanity there are too many predators for its souls. Our tool for survival is prayer in order to tap into the supernatural connection and protection through the blood covering that Jesus Christ provided at the Cross, on Calvary by which He reestablished the direct connection back with God, the Father of Creation. This is why Jesus Christ said, “It is by me through which you enter the Eternal Kingdom.” For me, Jesus Christ was saying, if you truly know of me, and what I did for Humanity, you will understand what is expected of you by the Creator. It is not about a religion, because Jesus Christ died for ALL of Mankind. If we are sincerely Christians, we would be followers of Christ’s teachings. This is what Christ meant.

God talks to His Children, (those that have chosen the path and those with the testimony),in a supernatural sense. So Satan has to attack you on a supernatural level in order to to prevent you from tapping into your direct connection with God, the Father of Creation, through which Jesus Christ established through His Death and Resurrection on the Cross. Jesus Christ was the Life Example that God, the Father of Creation provided for Huamanity to follow. It is not an outdated example, it is an Eternal Example. Satan wants to deceive Humanity that it is an example that is “old fashioned“, or “outdated“, or even “impossible to do“. As the saying goes, if it was easy, everyone would do it. This is why God, the Father of Creation states that the pathway to His Wisdom, and those that are aware of His Wisdom, you will be on the narrow path, and will not be with the majority, but by the minority. This is why Jesus Christ stated that those that are last on this earth, will be first in the Kingdom of God. True believers is what God, the Father of Creation is seeking, not those that are half hearted.

The end does not justify the means, this is what Satan wants you to believe. He wants to de-evolve the human being to that of the animals in the wild. This is why he wants human beings to act on their 5 senses, to which he can manipulate with earthly means. God says His Ways are not of the world, but are beyond them. So for us to make the goals of our soul in achieving the things of this world, by any means necessary does not follow God, the Father of Creation’s Divine Laws of Love, and the path to the Eternal Kingdom, but leads to the path that leads to God’s Wrath for rebelling against the Divine Laws of Love.

Seek faithfully, and God will work on you, to make fertile ground within your soul to find the Path to His Throne Room, and return back to Him, as He has always meant for it to be, as His Most Precious out of all Creations.

God’s Children Who Fast and Pray-The Most Threatening Combination to Evil

Jesus Christ, as He roamed this earth as God, in the earthly form, showed us how He wanted us to live our lives. It is easier said than done, especially as human beings. This is why it is important to rely on our spiritual strength, rather than our own human strength. As Scripture says:

The heart is easily influenced by the human emotion and senses which can easily be manipulated by evil. It is when we fast and pray, the discipline that comes with doing such things, trains the human heart to break away from the influences of the world, and to rely on a Higher Force and Source, God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Yahweh, Jehovah) for its existence. This is why God says that the innermost thoughts and actions will be evaluated by the Lord, because the outside actions may not reflect the inner intentions of the soul within. This is why we must always be mindful of our own thoughts….because even God can pass judgement on those things. Fasting and praying, acknowledges the authority of God in one’s life, to the point of acknowledging that there is more to a soul’s life, that what we can see, hear, smell, taste, and touching, with the human eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin and mental emotions of the mind.This is what many of the servants of God, and the Prophets before us demonstrated with their own earthly lives; this is the life example that God, showed us through Jesus Christ, His Son.

Fasting and praying is disciplining the human mind, body, and soul to listen for the Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus Christ. Listening for their guidance in all, and to follow them unconditionally, unwavingly. It breaks the trance that evil wants to keep a soul in, to keep it from knowing God, or to break them away from God’s Path towards the Eternal Paradise that He has promised to all those who remain on the path. Because Satan, who was once Lucifer, can never experience being in the presence of God, the Father of Creation, he does not want anyone to ever have, what he can not. This has become his lifelong mission, in defiance to God, the Father of Creation. God does expect for us at times to go off of the path, however, He expects us to come back on, to which fasting and praying can help in aiding us to do.


Evil will try everything for someone that has dedicated their life to this path, to get them off of it. We must remember that. They will try guilt, insults, bearing false witness to things….but we must remember that through fasting and praying, and bearing the scars that evil and his minions inflict that we will be promised the Kingdom of God; and all injustice done to you will bow down to Jesus Chrsit, on His Return back to harvest the faithful to God’s Divine Laws of Love. Evil will try to say, “look out for yourself”. Evil will try to say, “you do not need to change for anyone; they should accept the good and the bad in you…”. Evil will play on words, to cause confusion. When you fast and pray, and testify to the testimony that God has given you, it defies all of this.

So make some time in your life to fast and pray on a regular basis….your soul depends on it.

We Must Remember That God Is In Control



With each day we wake up, we have to remember that the very fact that we were given another day to live was because that it was God who allowed for us to live another day. The life circumstances given to us is based on what God’s Will is for our lives, and to see what we use our freewill to do in the lives given to us. Those that are bound to the Eternal Kingdom, have the confidence of knowing that God wins in the end of all this. This confidence is gained through the labor of the personal testimonies to which God had given to those that sought Him during their trials, and gained victory for the Eternal Kingdom out of the trial. A soul anchored in God’s Divine Laws of Love knows what Jesus Christ demonstrated on the Cross, at Calvary; and never thought that ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love and Mercy were beyond their limits. Just as God, the Father of Creation, does not force His Ways of Humanity, but gives us the choice to choose, with each day we wake up….we too, must do the same within our ministries. This is the very Life Example that Jesus Christ showed us through His Own Ministry, as He roamed the earth. In fact, instead of those that attended services on a regular basis, He chose to sit and preach to those that might have been considered as the rejects, the lowest within society, and even spiritually lost by the religious elite of His Time.

God gives us all the opportunity to see the ways of the Eternal Kingdom. Therefore, we must conduct ourselves in the same manner. However, at the same time, we must also not allow for evil to take a foothold within us, and make us to regress in our spiritual paths towards the Eternal Kingdom….God will hold us accountable for each time we regress within our spiritual paths toward His Eternal Kingdom….because of the wisdom He reveals to such souls in their prayers closets, for receiving that knowledge, we are held responsible for whether we uphold or go against the truth that was revealed in it. God does not take this lightly…in fact this is how Lucifer (being one of the highest ranking angels in God’s Court at one time) was thrown out of the Eteranal Kingdom, and became Satan, the biggest adversary against the Eternal Kingdom, and Humanity. Don’t you think evil knows about this accountability then? So why wouldn’t Satan and his demons try to throw us off the path? Because we are being given the chance to enter into the Eternal Paradise, while they do not. That is the honest to God Truth.

Nothing happens without God’s Knoweldge, on this earth. He sees everything from Up Above. The reason He doesn’t act is that in His Perfect Timing, He will have to destroy those that are in complete rebellion against the Divine Laws of Love. However, He wants to keep on giving such lost souls, another chance to choose His Divine Laws of Love, over those of the temporary earthly ways, that are not of the ways of the Eternal Kingdom. That is how great the Love of God, the Father of Creation, has for humanity.

Therefore if you have been called to the path, you must remember that you were given responsible to live by and share the knoweldge of the Eternal Kingdom through which was revealed to you through your testimony and within your prayer closets; and uphold them at all costs.

No Sugar Coating…..

sugar coated preaching


Many want to hear about the loving and forgiving side of God. It is TRUE! God, the Father of Creation, is a loving and forgiving God. This is what He demonstrated through the Mission and the Commission that He gave His Son, Jesus Christ. His Love is UNCONDITIONAL …..His Forgiveness is ENDLESS. He proved that to the point of sending His Son, to die for saving Mankind, His Most Prized Creation, from His Eternal Wrath.

However, here’s the side of God, the Father of Creation that we often forget about. With the introduction of sin, in the Garden of Eden, by the Serpent…with Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, we should not intentionally test God’s Unconditional Love and Endless Forgiveness. God always excused and excuses ignorance (which means not having the knowledge of what is right and wrong). However, He does not excuse it when we have heard the truth of what is right and wrong, and with the choices we make with our freewill. Now, please do not misunderstand, God KNOWS that we may fall off the path to the Eternal Kingdom (that is those of us that decide with our freewill to follow the path that is less travelled of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy…that is those that are the ways of God’s Divine Laws of Love), because He knows the weakness of human nature. Based on the spiritual battles occurring in the heavenly realm between good and evil, human strength, which is restricted by earthly parameters does not stand a chance against things that require a SPIRITUAL strength. As a result, victory can only come from the most powerful spiritual source….God, the Father of Creation, who says He does not define Himself by the ways of this world, but is beyond them.

In this day and age, with the endless knowledge at our fingertips, there is no excuse in the Eyes of God, in doing what is wrong, out of our own freewill. This is why God says, He does not like lukewarm believers. This means that we have to keep not only our actions in check, in front of God, the Father of Creation…..but also our thoughts, as well. Keeping in check requires changing from the ways of our sinful human nature. It requires an unconditional love, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, to which will help those who ask for His Guidance, to discern the deception of evil. God loves unconditionally to the point of giving us the CHOICE EVERYDAY that we live on this earth, to chose right over what is wrong…that violate His Divine Laws of Love, in the Eternal Kingdom. We should hold ourselves accountable to this, with each day we are given to live on this earth. With the knowledge of what is right and wrong in the Eyes of God, the Father of Creation, Jesus Christ showed us through His Teachings…His Life, Death, and Resurrection on the Cross, that we should be just as vigilant over ourselves, in holding ourselves accountable in the Eyes of God. I think many believers in God, are too busy doing it to others, that they forget to do it of themselves. With having a faithful relationship with Our Creator, Jesus showed us that we will also have the confidence of where we stand in our paths to the Eternal Kingdom, based on the wisdom that He reveals to us in Our Prayer Closets.

If we chose to travel the path most travelled to which Jesus Christ has said is the road to destruction, it will lead to our own personal destruction, in the Eyes of God. We are given endless opportunities in our lives…given the opportunities till our last breath on this earth….but once that earthly life is over, your story in God’s Eyes….has already been written, and awaiting for review of the Final Eternal Destination of the soul. This is why it is required to do a daily repentance….of our thoughts, actions, and words. Those who are shackled to the ways of this world….to which God said, His Ways are not a part of…will not understand this. However God is omnipresent, and sees all, to the very souls of Mankind. And though with the knowledge of what is right and wrong in His Eyes is known by His Children…..He saw something that was still in the reflection of His Original Greatness for Mankind, that was worth enough for allowing His Son, Jesus Christ, to walk amongst them….to live amongst us…..to die as one final plea to chose right in accordance to the Divine Laws of Love of the Eternal Kingdom….as His Love Song to us.

God gives us the choice everyday…so let’s try to keep ourselves in check, and chose wisely.

The Power of Steadfast Prayer

Many people believe that prayer is a formal thing to do. A formal affair that we need to schedule with God, the Father of Creation; and Christ Jesus. The thing is I have come to understand that it is the time that one spends to communicate with God. There need not be a formal place or time; neither formal words to be shared, or set aside for. I think Mahatma Gandhi said it best when he said:

“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”    

Gandhi About Prayer

Jesus Christ Himself, has taught one prayer, to which He says is the ONLY PRAYER that we formally need, in His Famous Sermon on the Mount. It says everything that is necessary. It is what Christians know as the “Lord’s Prayer“.

“Our Father, Who Art in Heaven;

Hallowed be Thy Name…

Thy Kingdom come;

Thy Will be done…

On earth, as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread;

And forgive us our trespasses…

As we forgive those who trespass against us;

And lead us not into temptation…

But deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the Kingdom, the power, and glory are Yours, now and forever.


Prayer is about intention. Just like any friend that you would run to for help or advice; or for love and comfort…that trust you give them, should be given to the One that created you. Just like any family member that you unconditionally love and trust, you should have that with the Father of Creation, and Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, that died on our behalf; so that we can all become one family, in God the Father. God can see the intention behind every request we make to Him; with every word we share with Him. And intentions that show unconditional love which honor God’s Gospels of Unconditional Love; and even the Unconditional Sacrificial Love, that Jesus Christ, as His Son, showed Mankind on the Cross at Calvary.

This is what I have come to understand about prayer. God is Love…more specifically, He represents Unconditional Love. He unconditionally loves us so much that no matter how many times Mankind has rebelled against Him, He gives us an abundant amount of chances, to MAKE THE CHOICE, to choose His Ways of Uncondiitional Love or not. Jesus Christ came to this world, to become the Life Example of how God expects all of Mankind, to live. In ways that are selfless in nature. Many seem to think that God is not a fair God, for Him to allow for poverty, world hunger, and violence to exist. But what we have to understand is that we, as Mankind, MADE THE CHOICE to choose these routes, as a way of life. That is rebelling against God’s Laws of Divine Love. This is what Adam and Eve demonstrated in the Garden of Eden. This is what we saw in the days of Soddom & Gomorrah, and Noah’s Days. With our flawed human logic and nature, we constantly think that we know better than the ways God has innately put within us. As a result of MAKING THE CHOICE to fall to evil’s temptation, and sin…is what we see as the current condition of the world today.

I have often evaluated my own prayer life. We often gauge the success of our prayers, based on the favorable response we see to our prayers, in the worldly sense. But is this a prayer that has a good intention? Well, in my humble opinion, no. I feel the steadfast faithfulness we have in coming to God with all of our life events is what does. In how we make God a part of our everyday lives. It can be 1 minute to 5 hours spent with Him; in can be in a Church building or not.  It is about how much we have accepted God’s Authority in our lives. It is about wholeheartedly believing and trusting in His Will of our lives. Just because we may WANT something for OURSELVES or OUR family; it doesn’t necessarily mean it is God’s Will. If we truly love the Father of Creation, we will unconditionally love and trust in Him. Our intentions will be pure. As long as we pray for the things of this world, to determine our own success, we will constantly keep reshackling ourselves to the world, which God clearly says His Ways are not a part of. This is why Jesus Christ says in the “Lord’s Prayer”…to pray….“Thy Will be Done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.” This is how nature lives on; and even the animals in the wild. And they live in harmony. In the case of Mankind, who, unlike nature and the animals, were given FREEWILL to choose. God wants true believers to come to the Eternal Kingdom; those that MADE THE CHOICE to trust in His Ways.

Prayer is a way of building that confidence with God. In truly understanding God’s Unconditional Love, we see that we will begin to understand that there is no greater joy, that anything on this earth could bring, than that which He can bring. He can wipe away all pain and fear, forever. He will always provide what we need, despite the odds this world may show us. To even give us the strength to endure things, that we did not know we had the strength to endure. Prayer gives us hope in that we KNOW that there is a DIVINE Force that is overseeing everything, despite our rebellion against Him. But we have to wholeheartedly trust Him. Because He can see things on an entirely different level, He knows the right things to provide, and the right time to provide them. This is why Jesus Christ taught us to pray, “Thy Will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.” Prayer tames the sinful human nature, and brings it back in tune with our source which is Divine in nature. In a world that is so dark, we have to make sure we steadfastly remain in God,  the Father of Creation. Just as much as evil tries to bombard us, we have to combat it by constantly being in prayer. God will see through steadfast prayer that you MADE THE CHOICE of choosing His Ways of Divine Love, which are selfless and sacrificial in nature. And He will begin to fight your battles for you, in this world. And He will give you a PERMANENT victory, in Him.

Scream About Injustice; With the Almighty God as Your Bodyguard

In my life, I have to say I have seen and experienced a lot of injustice from the ways of Man.  However, God has always put someone in my path to show me, that He is above all of that.  Man that is grounded in the world’s ways, will ALWAYS try to hold back a Man/Woman of God.  REMEMBER THAT.  With God by your side, who do you need to fear? 

When I reflect on the life and Passion of Jesus Christ, I always remind myself, that even HE, as the SON OF GOD, was not exempt from the trials of this Earth.  So what would make us exempt?  Over the Son of God?  That’s when I snap back to reality. 🙂  One day, and that time will be soon, ALL INJUSTICE WILL BOW DOWN TO JESUS!  The Son of God, who endured all for the sake of all of Mankind. 

Remember, when you feel alone in this world, that Jesus walked the path before you did.  Isn’t that what He had stated at the Last Supper, while washing the feet of His Disciples?  “When you are persecuted, remember I was persecuted before you.”  Remember all who do all, for the sake of being right in the Eyes of God, will see the Kingdom of God.  So keep enduring.  For God has promised you something that is beyond anything of this Earth.  

I have been very fortunate in my life to see wonderful examples of God’s People in my life.  I have to say, if they were not there, my life might have taken a different path, than what it is currently on.  I am truly grateful to those people, and to God for that.  And God will do the same for you.  You just have to open yourself up to prayer, with wholehearted pleas to God, for that help.  Remember, God’s Ways are permanent.  He will bring solutions that are unshakeable, not even by the Devil.  Why? Because you decided to trust in Him, and not the world’s ways for the solution to your injustice….your problem.  I’m telling you from personal experience.  This is no lie, I promise.  That’s the beauty of God’s Love.  He cares so much, as to put people in your path…to show you His Existence in your life….it’s just the matter of opening your eyes to them.  God is in everywhere and in everything.  It is only until we are broken vessels (at low or sad times in our lives) and we break ourselves from the logic of this world and of Man, that God and His Holy Spirit can enter within us to heal us of the world’s injustice.  It is only until we break away from the worldly ways, can God find a home within us permanently.  Because He is not of the world’s ways.

Injustice is Man’s way of trying to grab hold of what they can of this earth.  Whether it reflects an insecurity or of greed….you never can tell.  But nonetheless, a violation to God’s Laws.  However, no matter the injustice, we must walk Jesus’ Path, of nonviolence, peace, and love….We do not have to cooperate with the injustice. Jesus didn’t.  Because God did say not to tolerate it.  We battle it in the spiritual sense….with God as our Bodyguard.

Scream about Injustice...by praying to God. BECOME PRAYER WARRIORS!