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Karma Series: The Reason for Trials in Our Lives



When we decide to follow a spiritual path, in order to seek a Higher Enlightenment, or a Higher Truth, we will directly face the what is not seen with the naked eyes, and that is the spiritual warfare that is occurring at these Higher Realms, a battle between good and evil. And yes…..I do believe that there is good and evil. Anything or any action that causes a violation to the Divine Laws of Love, which consist of ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy…thoughts, words or actions that serve the self….are violating these Divine Laws of Love, that rule the Eternal Kingdom. For God, the Father of Creation has said that His Ways do not conform to the ways of this world, which only conform to violating His Divine Laws of Love. As Jesus Christ, the only Begotten Son of God has shown us through His Own Life and Death on the Cross at Calvary, God’s Children are selfless in nature, do not serve the self, but serves the Eternal Kingdom of God….which is guided by the Holy Spirit. It is the souls that are being fought over, and a soul is broken down by how sturdy its vessel is. A vessel is only made sturdy through its use, wear and tear. A diamond is made shiny and sparkly, when it goes through its own refiner’s fire.

Spiritual WarfareThe trials that come into our lives serve the purpose of refining our vessels, so that the souls within can develop endurance to withstand whatever evil may try to throw at a spiritually enlightened soul that is bound to the path to the Eternal Kingdom. It is not about the prosperity on this earth that gauge the success of our spiritual journeys, because they can all instantaneously be taken away. God only provides permanent circumstances, and things that withstand the “sands of time”, not even evil can take such things away. That is why God says that His Ways are not of the world’s ways but are beyond them. Nothing goes on without God’s Knowledge, however, if trials were to come to those that have dedicated their lives to the path of the Eternal Kingdom, it is serve one purpose…and that is to make us stronger. There will come a time where evil will come face to face with us. God wants to gives us the strength that He knows that we are capable of….He wants to give you the strength that He gave His Own Son, Jesus Christ, on the Cross at Calvary. This is why Jesus Christ, came to live amongst us, to show us how much God understands us….and wanted to show Mankind, as His Most Prized Creation, His Love for it. Evil hated that…which is why we face trials. Those that know of God’s Love for Humanity…..evil wants to suppress that within them. Evil doesn’t want us to know of God’s Love….it wants us to hate God, as much as it does. Through Jesus Christ, the direct communication between God and Mankind was reestablished again, which was originally destroyed at the Garden of Eden, by Satan Himself.  Jesus Christ showed us, on that Cross at Calvary, that we should not deviate from our Prayer Lives, no matter how busy our lives get in this world. It is through Prayer that we tap in to that direct communication with God, the Father of Creation, which is what Jesus Christ showed us through His Life, when He roamed this Earth.

If we see a once strong prayer warrior getting more busy in this world, and forgetting to make time to nurture their soul….these are the ones that will fail the trials. We should pray for them…..if we remember to pray, we should pray for them. We are all in this together, those of us that decide to follow the path to the Eternal Kingdom…to follow God’s Divine Laws of Love. It is through prayer in our prayer closets that God allows for the Holy Spirit to enter us, and help us to discern the deception of evil. Evil will always try to deceive those bound on this path, in order to take them away from the path of the Eternal Kingdom….PERMANENTLY.

So endure the trials knowing that God trusts you to overcome whatever evil tries to throw at you….in fact the harder the trials, the more faith God has in you to help Him prove evil wrong about Mankind. You see God has given Mankind the very place within His Throne Room…and only those that have followed God’s Divine Laws of Love can enter. This will require souls enduring the trials and tribulations in order to break away from the sinstained ways of this world, that violate the Divine Laws of Love which consist of ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy. This will in turn make fertile ground for the Holy Spirit to enter such souls, and help them to discern the deception of evil.

The Power of Steadfast Prayer

Many people believe that prayer is a formal thing to do. A formal affair that we need to schedule with God, the Father of Creation; and Christ Jesus. The thing is I have come to understand that it is the time that one spends to communicate with God. There need not be a formal place or time; neither formal words to be shared, or set aside for. I think Mahatma Gandhi said it best when he said:

“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”    

Gandhi About Prayer

Jesus Christ Himself, has taught one prayer, to which He says is the ONLY PRAYER that we formally need, in His Famous Sermon on the Mount. It says everything that is necessary. It is what Christians know as the “Lord’s Prayer“.

“Our Father, Who Art in Heaven;

Hallowed be Thy Name…

Thy Kingdom come;

Thy Will be done…

On earth, as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread;

And forgive us our trespasses…

As we forgive those who trespass against us;

And lead us not into temptation…

But deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the Kingdom, the power, and glory are Yours, now and forever.


Prayer is about intention. Just like any friend that you would run to for help or advice; or for love and comfort…that trust you give them, should be given to the One that created you. Just like any family member that you unconditionally love and trust, you should have that with the Father of Creation, and Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, that died on our behalf; so that we can all become one family, in God the Father. God can see the intention behind every request we make to Him; with every word we share with Him. And intentions that show unconditional love which honor God’s Gospels of Unconditional Love; and even the Unconditional Sacrificial Love, that Jesus Christ, as His Son, showed Mankind on the Cross at Calvary.

This is what I have come to understand about prayer. God is Love…more specifically, He represents Unconditional Love. He unconditionally loves us so much that no matter how many times Mankind has rebelled against Him, He gives us an abundant amount of chances, to MAKE THE CHOICE, to choose His Ways of Uncondiitional Love or not. Jesus Christ came to this world, to become the Life Example of how God expects all of Mankind, to live. In ways that are selfless in nature. Many seem to think that God is not a fair God, for Him to allow for poverty, world hunger, and violence to exist. But what we have to understand is that we, as Mankind, MADE THE CHOICE to choose these routes, as a way of life. That is rebelling against God’s Laws of Divine Love. This is what Adam and Eve demonstrated in the Garden of Eden. This is what we saw in the days of Soddom & Gomorrah, and Noah’s Days. With our flawed human logic and nature, we constantly think that we know better than the ways God has innately put within us. As a result of MAKING THE CHOICE to fall to evil’s temptation, and sin…is what we see as the current condition of the world today.

I have often evaluated my own prayer life. We often gauge the success of our prayers, based on the favorable response we see to our prayers, in the worldly sense. But is this a prayer that has a good intention? Well, in my humble opinion, no. I feel the steadfast faithfulness we have in coming to God with all of our life events is what does. In how we make God a part of our everyday lives. It can be 1 minute to 5 hours spent with Him; in can be in a Church building or not.  It is about how much we have accepted God’s Authority in our lives. It is about wholeheartedly believing and trusting in His Will of our lives. Just because we may WANT something for OURSELVES or OUR family; it doesn’t necessarily mean it is God’s Will. If we truly love the Father of Creation, we will unconditionally love and trust in Him. Our intentions will be pure. As long as we pray for the things of this world, to determine our own success, we will constantly keep reshackling ourselves to the world, which God clearly says His Ways are not a part of. This is why Jesus Christ says in the “Lord’s Prayer”…to pray….“Thy Will be Done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.” This is how nature lives on; and even the animals in the wild. And they live in harmony. In the case of Mankind, who, unlike nature and the animals, were given FREEWILL to choose. God wants true believers to come to the Eternal Kingdom; those that MADE THE CHOICE to trust in His Ways.

Prayer is a way of building that confidence with God. In truly understanding God’s Unconditional Love, we see that we will begin to understand that there is no greater joy, that anything on this earth could bring, than that which He can bring. He can wipe away all pain and fear, forever. He will always provide what we need, despite the odds this world may show us. To even give us the strength to endure things, that we did not know we had the strength to endure. Prayer gives us hope in that we KNOW that there is a DIVINE Force that is overseeing everything, despite our rebellion against Him. But we have to wholeheartedly trust Him. Because He can see things on an entirely different level, He knows the right things to provide, and the right time to provide them. This is why Jesus Christ taught us to pray, “Thy Will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven.” Prayer tames the sinful human nature, and brings it back in tune with our source which is Divine in nature. In a world that is so dark, we have to make sure we steadfastly remain in God,  the Father of Creation. Just as much as evil tries to bombard us, we have to combat it by constantly being in prayer. God will see through steadfast prayer that you MADE THE CHOICE of choosing His Ways of Divine Love, which are selfless and sacrificial in nature. And He will begin to fight your battles for you, in this world. And He will give you a PERMANENT victory, in Him.

Anticipate all the good and bad…

fight between good and evil


Each day I lay in pain;

And wonder when it will wane.

At times triggered by events in my past;

Brief happy moments, as well as that I know they will not last.

Triggered also by stories and images on the news;

Everytime I witness all, it gives me the blues.

War, Bigotry, Cruelty, Lies;

Cheating, selfishness, Destruction.


Instead of searching for “The Light” in people;

For the good…

We need to anticipate for the bad and, as well as the evil.

Where once purity stood;

For all living things, there is so much disregard;

When it is God who said that ALL was our responsibility to guard.


Each day;

As I gather my beads to pray;

Tears run down my face with each prayer I say.

“God, at times I just don’t know what to do…

With all of this pain that I feel of others, a gift I know is from You.

You know that I would do anything to take that pain…

And make it my own, for in me to remain.


All I know is that within my heart;

Is to continue with my prayers…

A good start.

I no longer live of this world and its ways;

But for the promises of God, for Him all praise.


For the key in taking away all of my pain;

Is by staying with Him, for with Him I will remain.

It is He who is above all…

All things, great and small.

Father, I Pray Everyday, to Release me


Father, I pray for you to release me from this earthly cage;

That always tries to bind me to the Devil, with the world as his stage.

Each night I get down on my knees;

And pray to you with sobbing pleas…

To release me ….To release me.



My Father God, I get so frustrated with myself…and just don’t know what to do;

When I fall of the path….and try to find my way back to You.

I should know better…for You show me Your Presence in my life, all day long;

Where at times to move on Your Path, I know it is only because of  You, that to others I appear strong.



Father, Abba, I Pray for the strength to be released;

From this earth and its ways, because I know that it is all leased.

For I know that our time on this earth is on time that is borrowed…

It is for Your Endless Mercy and Love….that I seek and on Your Path, follow.



Release me, Abba, from my weaknesses and flaws;

To escapes the evil one’s claws.

For it is for You that I yearn for everyday…

I wish I could see your face, and gently in Your Arms, lay.


Father, please take me out of this cage, and relesae me….

For that is the only way I can feel completely free.

I am not worthy of such Love that You freely give;

How could I ever repay Your generosity and kindness….

You nudge me on, whenever I falter in Your Path;

Your Plan is so perfect…that You did ALL of the math.

Release me Father, so that I can be a part of Your Perfect Equation….

So that I can meet You….the Father that loved me so….that infinite elation.