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I Am Truly Humbled


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you….as my readers. I feel so humbled, and more importantly encouraged that my words make a difference in this world, in its small way, in some shape or form. I realize with each day that I come here, that God is calling everyone…to somehow find Him. And He has shown His Existence in so many different mediums.

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for following my blog….and more importantly, thank you for listening. Just like you, I seek answers about love and there having to be more to life than what we see with our human eyes and hear with our human ears. Because whatever is happening in Mankind today….it’s not working. We see so much suffering in this world, in all shapes and forms. We should be gracious for all that we have…and help to be a voice for the voiceless.

So I am asking you today….to Reply to either my poem below…or to this entry today…to be that voice….All we should do is to do our part everyday. Whether big or small. It doesn’t matter….so that we can make a change in this world, in bringing love to someone who has forgotten it. In bringing understanding for someone that feels all hope is lost. In bringing comfort, when someone feels scared. We were made to love, and all love comes from the Creator.

Thank you again for your loyalty to my blog. I humbly thank the Father in Heaven for inspiring me everyday to bring it to you all. May it continue to speak to you.