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“God Not Only Demands That We Come to The Cross…But Requires Us to go Through The Cross…” -Pastor David Wilkerson



Since I was a child, I have always pondered upon why Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, had to go through what He did, the way He did. And of course, in the evolution in my Spiritual Walk with God, I have come to several conclusions, which we hear many priest, pastors, and missionaries have come to those same conclusions. However, it is only until I heard what the title of this entry is, by Pastor David Wilkerson, that it all began to make sense, in reference to the sequence of events to come for Mankind, and to demonstrate how much God does not conform to the ways of His Creation, as the Creator. And as His Son, God in human form, He showed us that we should wholeheartedly have faith and trust in God’s Plan for His Children, in the Eternal Paradise.

God, the Father of Creation, truly does mean it when He says, that His Ways are not of the world’s ways, but beyond them. This is what His Son, Jesus Christ demonstrated through His Earthly Life, Death on the Cross at Calvary, and Resurrection into His…Our Father’s Eternal Paradise. Though being the King of all Kings, He lived and died earthly measures that are not considered to be of royalty, but that of a pauper. This is the extent that God, the Father of Creation, went through to show us that the worldly means and definitions of “royalty” and “riches” do not mean a thing to Him. God went through the extent of Jesus Christ being betrayed, outcasted, and rejected not only by those in the communities that He involved Himself in, but also by those that were considered His Close Friends. Being falsely accused…and undergoing the cruel punishment and death sentence for a crime He did not commit, and willingly went through it because of the confidence of the Truth in God’s Will of His Own Life….If Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, was not exempt from such things, what makes us think we are any better than Him, to be exempt from them?

Anyone that has truly, wholeheartedly, pursued the path to the Eternal Kingdom has encountered trials and tribulations, till their last breath, just as Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, has. It is God’s Ways of saying….and making their lives a testimony to the fact that His Ways do not conform to the ways of His Creation. He requires us to die alittle each day, from desiring the ways of this world, to understand this. He understands that this requires us to find strength that is beyond what the human mind can fathom…but a soul rooted in the understanding of Jesus Christ’s Mission, while on this earth, will find that strength, in the Holy Spirit that He promised would be with such people, who faithfully seek for the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven. This comes with becoming “broken vessels” from the trials of this world; and through this brokenness, instead of falling prey to evil’s bitterness and sadness…that we run to God, the Father of Creation, for the strength that He so readily awaits to give us, with arms wide open.

God not only demands that we come to the Cross…but demands us to go through the Cross….”-Pastor David Wilkerson

This is how God’s Children become beacons of Light, in a world of Darkness. They are the living testimonies of the strength of His Unconditional Love and Power for His Children. But you see, He wants true believers, not just those who believe for a moment. True believers, like any soldier who believes in a cause, undergo all the trials and strikes of the enemies…with the battle scars as proof of their Strength and Victory. This is why Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, with His Death on the Crucifix, is such an offense for many to see…it is unbelieveable for many to understand. Because those that are shackled to the ways of this world, have missed the whole point of God’s Mission for saving Mankind. When we are shackled to the ways of this world, we have the probability of falling prey of serving 2 masters. God sees who has truly understood the Mission He had through Jesus Christ, His Son. Those that call ourselves Christians, especially should realize this. For this reason, it takes more than going to Church…or belonging to a religion. It takes loving and trusting in God, the Father of Creation, with your soul, wholeheartedly. By chosing with our freewill, to follow as Jesus Christ did, as He walked this Earth, for His Seat in the Eternal Kingdom. With this, His Soul is so pure, that His Feet could never touch the ground of this earth again. However, when He does return, it is to take back home with Him, those who have found the meaning of His Life, the strength of God’s Unconditional Love for Mankind…which can not compare to anything of this world…as His Creation. His Holy Spirit will guide those that He has found worthy ground in, and help to give such souls strength to undergo the Cross.

“The Blood of Jesus Christ, has NEVER lost its power…..the Cross has not been in vain.” -Pastor David Wilkerson

Where Should the Revival of God’s Word Be Occurring….

House in order

Christians today speak about a need for a “revival”, or “there is a revival” occurring…but what does God say about where the revival should be occurring. If we were given the Divine Purpose of being a Mother to Children, a Father to Children, a Pastor of a Church, a Leader of a Congregation, a sibling to another person, a friend, or even a foe…..did not God say that we should keep our houses in order first? God has given us a Divine Purpose in such posts that were given in our lives. Our first duty is to keep our house in order, until that final day.

Such a house should be a beacon of light with the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, as its Lead. Such a house will not crumble as trials and tribulations approach it. For such a house knows it serves a Father of Creation Whose ways are of the world that He created, but are beyond which abide to that of an Eternal Kingdom. As Christians many of us are so involved in making “conversions”; but we forget to teach the #1 responsibility or even practice it for ourselves, that we have…and that is to keep our houses in order, in accordance to God’s Divine Laws of Unconditional Love. Instead, we see God’s People splitting new converts from the very homes that the called are supposed to keep in order. Instead of nurturing people that are new to their walks…we see them almost being isolated and being pulled away from the rest of their families. Is that right, in the Eyes of God? I have often wrestled with this thought, through out the years of my Spiritual Journey.

True, Jesus said that we should love God more than our own fathers and mothers….the very earthly lives. However, he also gives us responsibility to testify to God’s Unconditional Love to all those that are within our households. This is the primary responsibility we have, because these are the people in our immediate lives, our daily lives. Many leaders forget this because their household may already be in order, forget the very people they bring to the path, may not. However, in my mind, God has never justified splitting a family unity, for the sake of keeping a “new Christian” from falling off of the path, other than when the Holy Spirit helps us to discern whether people in our household are completely lost or not. We, as Man, are not to determine that. There are many Scriptures, that support this idea.  

A house in order, makes evil to flee! This is what we should remember. Yes, if your house is in order help those around you, as well. But never encouragement someone to isolate themselves from a family. Because that conversion of heart that occurred, is not by the doing of SOMEONE ministering….it is because it was God’s Time for that person to RECEIVE His Gospel. The evangelists often forget that they are merely instruments, and that the conversions are not by the doings of they, themselves. If they believed that the new conversion of a heart was God’s Work, then such things of separating new converts from their families would not be occurring. I see this happening a lot in today’s ministry. It is not right, unless there is a harmful environment for the person. But I have seen it in situations that it was merely for doctrinal differences…and this is not right, in the Eyes of God.

May God the Father find us all worthy to enter His Eternal Kingdom….and to take our Divine Purposes to heart, with the Holy Spirit as our Guidance, in keeping our Houses in Order. The Revival should be in our Homes.

We Are Too Focused on the “Physical Things” in This World…in Our SPIRITUAL Paths (Part 2)

God sees the purity of our heart and soul, which is not defined by the physical parameters of this world; but defined by the Divine Laws of Love that define His Eternal Kingdom. Ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy.

God sees the purity of our heart and soul, which is not defined by the physical parameters of this world; but defined by the Divine Laws of Love that define His Eternal Kingdom. Ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy.


To obtain the things of this world, Mankind has chosen to give in to evil’s ways, and commit such great atrocities that only cause destruction of God’s Thumbprint on Mankind….our very souls. God gave us these to keep guard over, so that they can be reunited for Eternity in Paradise. Yet, how many have forfeited this birthright, as a Child of God? For the sake of pursuing the TEMPORARY things of this world? Because of the tunnel-vision that Mankind has obtained, we focus the success of our lives, even our spirituality on the parameters of this world. Yet, those who did or do faithfully pursue their path back to the Eternal Paradise with the Creator, know that their success will only be determined when their earthly life is over, and their soul stands for judgement before the throne. For the souls that the Creator, created into existence…every one will stand before the throne for judgment, for its purity to be determined. Did the soul focus on OBTAINING or BEING. Did it focus on POSSESSING EARTHLY WEALTH….or did it focus on EXISTING with GOD? Did it choose to focus on ways of violence, conditional love, and unforgiveness? Or did it focus on ways of NONviolence; UNconditional Love; and Mercy? As Bob Marley’s song says, “There is no hiding from the Father of Creation…”

Anything from God, The Creator, is not determined by PHYSICAL PARAMETERS. He clearly says, His Ways are not of the world’s but beyond them. It is not by magic, deception or manipulation. It stands by truth, and what is felt by a soul connected to Him. These are ALL THINGS that Jesus Christ (Yeshuay, Yeshu Christu) demonstrated with His Life, Death, and Resurrection. And will demonstrate when He one day returns. Whenever that may be. All the injustice caused by Man’s Choice to choose evil’s rebellion against God’s Divine Laws of Love, will one day bow down to Jesus Christ (Yeshuay, Yeshu Christu). And all that caused them will be held on accountable for them, by  the Father of Creation…God…Devum…Jehovah…Yahweh. Can religious people end up in Hell? Yes, because the focus on OBTAINING or POSSESSING Salvation; not by purely growing stronger in faith and relationship with God, The Father of Creation (Devum…Jehovah…Yahweh); with Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu…Yeshuay); and with the Holy Spirit. Can a criminal avoid hell, and end up in Paradise? Well, look at the one criminal that hung alongside Jesus Christ, while being crucified on the Cross, at Calvary. By wholeheartedly repenting to Jesus Christ (Yeshu Christu, Yeshuay), and believing that He can save Him, Jesus told Him, that He will join Him in the Eternal Paradise. This demonstrates that God’s love is endless, and unconditional, that He not only gives us till our last earthly breath, to become born again in mind, body, and soul; but He loved us without any boundaries, as to make His Son, the sacrificial lamb, to save Mankind from eternal damnation; so that we can have the chance to make that choice to wholeheartedly surrender. It is the intentions that cry out from the soul of the human heart that is read by Divinity.


STOP trying to OBTAIN Salvation. And stop taking the legalistic route in seeking Salvation. At the same time, God, does not want His Son’s Blood, that was shed with such great pain, on the Cross, at Calvary to be underestimated, or mistreated. We must wholeheartedly seek for the Divine Truth; and faithfully ask for the Holy Spirit’s Guidance. We should not take anything for granted, in our lives, when it comes to the abundant mercy God, the Father of Creation (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) shows us daily. May God have mercy on all of us.


We Are Too Focused on the “Physical Things” in This World…in Our SPIRITUAL Paths (Part 1)

God sees the purity of our heart and soul, which is not defined by the physical parameters of this world; but defined by the Divine Laws of Love that define His Eternal Kingdom. Ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy.

God sees the purity of our heart and soul, which is not defined by the physical parameters of this world; but defined by the Divine Laws of Love that define His Eternal Kingdom. Ways of Nonviolence, Unconditional Love, and Mercy.


Have we, as Mankind, focused too much on OBTAINING….POSSESSING….GETTING things; rather than focusing on just EXISTING….BEING…HARMONIZING with the world we were put in? This is something to seriously consider, when it comes to evaluating Mankind….in evaluating ourselves, as individuals.

The Creator…God (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) gave Mankind the gift of freewill. With this freewill, He allowed for us to have the ability to make choices. Many want to blame God for the existence of terrible things in this world. But the bottomline is, He does not force us to believe in Him. He loved us so much, as to trusting us to make the right choices. And it is not like once we make one bad choice, that He does not gives us another chance. We have this opportunity everyday to make this choice. A Creator does not conform to the ways of His Creation, does He? No. He is beyond the boundaries and parameters of His Creation.

The truth of the matter is that evil wanted Mankind to be confined to the boundaries to which it can control. And we as Mankind, HAD/HAVE THE CHOICE of confining ourselves to them; in ways of violence, conditional love, anger, wrath, pride, and unforgiveness. In the Garden of Eden, how did evil tempt Adam and Eve to sin or rebel against God, the Creator? By telling them that they can OBTAIN KNOWLEDGE TO THAT OF GOD, HIMSELF; so that they can know as much as God knows. To live in accordance to God’s Divine Laws of Love, Mankind has to recognize, and make the choice that they are spiritually bound to God, first and foremost. And that He will provide, sufficiently for our existence, to fulfill His Will of the life He gave us to live. So what did Adam & Eve do? They CHOSE to pursue evil’s way; of denying their spiritual connection to what God instructs all of Mankind to pursue for their wellbeing; and confine Mankind, themselves….to the earthly realm, to which it controls and manipulates. God makes it very clear, that His Ways are not of the world’s ways, but beyond.

When we examine the world, what do we see? We see poverty, extremes of wealth, slavery in all forms, killing, stealing, cheating, etc. Do you think God, the Creator (Devum, Jehovah, Yahweh) wanted this for Mankind and all of His Creations? He created all out of such great love! And Mankind was given dominion over it all. With the souls given to each Man, since the time they were conceived in their mothers’ wombs, God laid His Thumbprint on each person. With the way the world exists today, we have shown that we CHOSE to have those things exist, through the choices we made, with the influence of evil, in steering us away from our Spiritual Connection with the Creator; and chose to confine ourselves to its realm, which are within this PHYSICAL realm.

Look at what we decided to focus on. Instead of strengthening our connection with the Creator, we decided to chase after SUCCESS on this earth through OBTAINING wealth ; power; pleasure in the physical forms . Though we were created to exist…to be in harmony with the world around us; not one any more superior than the other creation (as seen in the initial days of Adam & Eve)…we chose to fall to the same sin that Lucifer did, pride. We chose we wanted to be greater than our neighbor. We chose to want to be “equal in stature” to the God, who created all that we see (in the natural sense), into existence. We chose to purse our lusts and gluttony, at all costs. That rebelled against The Creator….God’s (Devum, Yahweh, Jehovah) Divine Laws of Love. We chose to follow Satan’s ways of Violence, Conditional Love, and Unforgiveness…to obtain…to possess the physical things in this world. Instead of chosing to follow our spiritual existence, and listening to what God guides, to His Will and Purpose of our lives. The difference between Lucifer and Mankind is that Mankind is still given the choice to choose otherwise, until the last breath in their human bodies. Jesus Christ, (Yeshuay, Yeshu Christu), as His Son, came to live to show us a ways of life that is worthy to enter Eternal Paradise; and died to conquer evil’s unchallenged rule over Mankind, to permanently unshackle it from evil. The choice was given back to us, to have that direct connection back with the Father of Creation (God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Devum).

(PART 2 to come……)

Truth Is Truth



Truth is truth;

No matter how much fear is instilled, by people who are coothe.

There is a Higher Being that keeps tally, Up Above;

And will make Truth prevail, in the end with Mercy and Love.


Truth is truth, no matter what on this earth, passes by;

God sees all the schemes and lies.

No matter what is hidden on this earth, in intention or actions;

He sees what all is done to cause strife and factions.


Truth is truth, despite what we may see and hear;

For Truth comes from A Divine Source, Whose Ways are out of Unconditional Love, and are clear.

God has foreseen that His Truth will be understood by very few;

But He sent His Son to save all, on His Cue.


Truth is truth, and it will be lost to many;

For they will try to pass their lie as truth, in ways that are sly and uncanny.

However, for those who rely on their truth from a Divine Source;

Will have their truth dictated to them, from this Force.


Truth is truth;

Always clear and smooth.

The Divine Force enlightens those who faithfully seek it;

And of their paths, to Eternity, will always be well lit.

“In Search of God” – A Good Read for Science-driven minds

In Search of God

For those of you who is searching for proof of the existence of God, this is a good read. This book is written by a man that has been a scientist all of his life. His search for God, began as a teenager, and still continues on. It demonstrates his “technocratic” approach in explaining God’s Existence in this world, in various aspects in our lives; from love, to the parameters of Sin, Heaven and Hell, etc., which is seen in many of his own diagrams, in the book. The author describes the book, in his own words, as follows:

“This book is an attempt to analyze the glory of creation; and the backward integration to the source, in an attempt to visualize God. In the early chapters, I have taken a critical look at the common understanding of love, and have tried to dissect it from a spiritual standpoint. In this process, what I found was a universal distribution of a love relationship, with a guiding force behind it emanating from a single source. This led me to examine other virtues in a similar manner; each time, attaching them to a single source. I called this source GOD. In the later chapters, I have tried to visualize and extract characteristic features of such a source. I have also tried to define Sin, and Revenge. Explanations have been given to show how interrelated they are. I have further explained why forgiveness is a far superior virtue. I have tried to project my view of heaven and hell, in this book.”

“In Search of God” is a book that was written for those who are science driven, or seeking a more technical approach in understanding God. The book is a great read. Highly recommended.

Love of a Jealous Kind-Jars of Clay

This particular song spoke to me, especially in recent times, based on the truth it speaks. We often forget of the Omnipresent God, whose Love is always there for us to grab hold to, with His Arms wide open. Instead, in our everyday lives, we seek the comforts of this world, to which God says that He is not a part of its ways. He has shown us in so many ways as to how much He shows His Love to us. From waking up to another day to live;to the love of a pet. Or even the flowers and their radiant beauty in the meadows; to the birds that fly in the sky. We keep choosing to put our faith in the temporary things of this world; and putting faith in man who is flawed by its human nature. If we put our faith in a Perfect God, with His Love that is so abundant and merciful, we will no longer “choose the gallows to the aisle”. Through the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, we were given the choice to walk down the aisle to God’s Eternal Paradise; or to the gallows of Eternal Damnation. We can not rely on our own logic and understanding, for it is weak. This is exactly what this song is saying. So we must constantly be in communication with God, so that we can discern the deception that evil is constantly trying to throw at us, so that we fall prey to our sinful, weak human nature. God will help us through His Endless Love to know what will give us victory, to enter His Eternal Paradise.


Spiritual Thinking Vs. Spirit Filled Thinking: Manmade Thinking vs. Divine Thinking

Quote of God's Wisdom

In this day and age, there are many travelling on a spiritual journey. Many trying to seek answers to the things of this world; through a force or source that is not of this world. Essentially I think this all comes down to one common understanding amongst Mankind, that human logic has its limitations. And that there is a Higher Force/Source out there that can provide insight to things within our lives. Yes, the proof that there is Existence in God.

But what is the difference between “spiritual” and being “spirit filled”? I often debated this very principle in my mind. And to be honest, I’m still not quite clear on this. However, there is one thing that I have come to understand for certain is that there is a different in approach and way of thinking. While spiritual thinking emcompasses numerous schools of thought; spirit filled thinking is guided by one certain belief. For me, the conclusion that I have come to is that if one is certain in what they believe in, once can emcompass both. However, for the betterment of Mankind, we have to be mindful of whether we are guided by Divine Thinking, or by that which is not so divine. This is the struggle that Mankind has encountered since Adam & Eve fell to sin, in the Paradise of Eden. A struggle that God is very much aware of. This is the very reason why God’s Graces and Love is so abundant and endless in supply, that He gives us the FREEWILL to choose to seek His Divine Logic. He gives us till the last breath in our earthly bodies to seek and find this, so that not only will be “Spiritual”, but also “Spirit filled“. I think out of the 2, it is most hardest for man to become, “spirit filled”. Being divinely spirit filled, truly does require you to break away from the ways of this world; and to even not give in to human nature (which is vulnerable to sin). God says He is not of the ways of this world; but beyond them. And Jesus has said that “Truth is not seen or heard; but felt…”; which requires us to rely on logic and guidance that is in ways of Love, Peace, and Nonviolence, which all require a strength that is beyond our human nature.  If it was within our human nature, the world would not exist in the current condition that it is.

Does anyone every achieve, the balance between the 2? Very few. It is a lifelong journey, to which only the Higher Source, God, can determine if that balance was achieved. However, while we are on our spiritual journeys, we will begin to see a difference in our way of thinking. And such a journey will become the focus of our entire existence. Once this thinking has become engrained in us, and has taken root, it will ben reflected in our everyday actions. What we have to realize is that because this is a lifelong journey, to which God, Himself, determines the beginning and end of it, we will have a constant struggle between falling on and off the path. The most important thing is to get back on. God knows this struggle so much of us, which is why He sent Jesus Christ, His Son, to reestablish the direct pathway that we once had with the Father of Creation, that was originally destroyed by the introduction of sin by Satan, in the Garden of Eden, and with Adam & Eve’s fall to this sin. He wanted us to tap back into His Endless Unconditional Love, to be guided by His Multidimensional Logic, which defies all boundaries that have defined this world. That is why those who have a balance between the two, see what it means when God says His Ways are not of this world, but beyond them. That the ways that truly considered great in the Eyes of God, are quite the contrary to what the world defines as great.

The prime example of this is to see how a little infant or child lives their life.  The things that we would consider as the simplest of things in this world, is what brings great joy to a child. They have no fear to love; and at the same time, very sensitive to the pain the world can cause them. Yet at the same time, they quickly move on, to continue on loving. Haven’t you ever seen a child being more amused by the box or wrapping paper that their toy gift, came in? They are often ok playing by themselves; or even playing with others. They are often content “beating to their own drum/tune”; so to speak. God speaks to these pure hearts quite often. Because it has not been jaded by the ways of this world. This is what God means to have “faith like a child”. To reach our fullest potential, spiritually, we must not allow for the ways of this world, to jade our hearts and souls. Otherwise this could block out God, and His Divine Enlightenment in our lives.

Remember, Divine Logic are ways that understand that the creation can never be equivalent to the Creator; and not having the authority to determine which of the Creator’s creations to eliminate or not. A way of NONVIOLENCE. It is a way to which is confident in the spiritual enlightenment one has found, and will have unshaken LOVE and PEACE in such a heart and soul, despite the chaos in the world around them. This lifelong journey is one that God asks for us to be in constant communication with Him. To experience a type of Unconditional Love that fill every void that a human soul could experience by the ways of this world. Such a soul reflects this spiritual balance….and is undeniable by all that come in contact with it.

‘America has gone a long way down the wrong road…’ – Billy Graham

This entry is from one of my dear friends and readers. I truly found it enlightening to read. A great balance of practical and spiritual truth. Please read on…

Never Regret Loving Someone That Does Not Return That Same Love Back



When it comes to love, in its purest form, where is its source? Think about the great power love carries?

It has been PROVEN to do the following:

1) To heal the most deepest of wounds of the heart.

2) To make enemies into friends.

3) To make the lonely feel loved.

4) To bring order to chaos.

5) To bring peace in war.

6) To find truth, even when lies are being told to you.

7) To revive a soul that is lost to darkness.

8) To unite, what was once broken.

And these are just the few that I can think of, off of the top of my head. These are such powerful actions, with permanent results that change Mankind for GOOD. For love to be this powerful, it must come from a source that is not found on this earth; but beyond it. God says He is beyond the world’s ways, and He is all the encompasses LOVE.

“This is how we know that we live in him and he in us: He has given us of his Spirit. And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world. If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and they in God. And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment: In this world we are like Jesus. There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. We love because he first loved us. Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.”

-1 John 4: 13-21

So we must remember we LOVE not because that the world requires us to do so; but if we are God’s Children, we love because God requires us to love. And love in its purest form, is devoid of fear. No matter who it is, we are to love with the same intensity. We love not out of our own human instinct, but out of our origins from God. Plain and simple. Our trust is not in Man, because Man has proven, over and over again, that it has given in to its sinful human nature. Our trust is in God. And God will help us to discern what and whom is in accordance to His Ways or not. But no matter what, whether relative or friend; stranger or acquaintance; enemy or offender …. we are to love them. This is what God’s Ultimate commandment is. The evil within a person, or another living creature can only be seen by God. It is God who leads us in knowing; not by our own doing.

God’s rewards are based on the purity of the heart and soul. And this purification can only come from going to the source of Love, which is God. That purity will be sensed by all. And it is not the shame of this pure soul, to love and trust unconditionally in what God has commanded for it to do. God will show ALL THOSE THAT have hurt such a soul; or even taken advantage of such a soul, the WRATH of harming one of His Children. This wrath is if far more PERMANENT, than any injustice that evil orchestrates through such people, as its wrath, to harm such a soul. So, shame on the person who lies to a pure soul, for the sake of committing the 7 deadly sins. Though a heart of such a soul will be scarred; God has seen how that scar was made; and will get justice for His Children, with whom who caused that scar or wound to them. But we have to continue to love.  God’s Love TRULY does conquer all; and we must endure the trials of this earth; that require our hearts being scarred, bruised, and wounded, to perfect the love within ourselves… to make our hearts worthy enough to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.