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Love of a Jealous Kind-Jars of Clay

This particular song spoke to me, especially in recent times, based on the truth it speaks. We often forget of the Omnipresent God, whose Love is always there for us to grab hold to, with His Arms wide open. Instead, in our everyday lives, we seek the comforts of this world, to which God says that He is not a part of its ways. He has shown us in so many ways as to how much He shows His Love to us. From waking up to another day to live;to the love of a pet. Or even the flowers and their radiant beauty in the meadows; to the birds that fly in the sky. We keep choosing to put our faith in the temporary things of this world; and putting faith in man who is flawed by its human nature. If we put our faith in a Perfect God, with His Love that is so abundant and merciful, we will no longer “choose the gallows to the aisle”. Through the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, we were given the choice to walk down the aisle to God’s Eternal Paradise; or to the gallows of Eternal Damnation. We can not rely on our own logic and understanding, for it is weak. This is exactly what this song is saying. So we must constantly be in communication with God, so that we can discern the deception that evil is constantly trying to throw at us, so that we fall prey to our sinful, weak human nature. God will help us through His Endless Love to know what will give us victory, to enter His Eternal Paradise.


When Do You Stop Giving….What Jesus Christ Showed Me



Sometimes I believe people focus to much on the “words on the pages” of the Bible. What I mean by this is that they focus on memorizing, just “knowing” that it exists. We must focus on the content, what was it telling us. More importantly what was it showing us, in what God expects of us. Jesus Christ showed us through His LIfe and Teachings, what is required to conquer Evil. He showed us that LIVING God’s Words is what is required of us. As human beings, upon the introduction of Temptation and Sin, we are very weak to go astray from what God expects of us. Hence resulting in the chaos that we see in the world today. The Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible, reveals that we are to continue with living in God’s Ways, even when it seems there are very few people around us that have the knowledge in how to do so.

This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated with His Life, Death, and Resurrection. Through His Life, Jesus taught God’s expectations of us; showed how to conquer the temptations of Satan and his evil through prayer and resistance; and that God’s Ways of Living, in Love, does not conform to the ways of this world. In fact, His Life shows us that we can serve God with just the things we were born with, our minds, bodies, and soul. We can not use EARTHLY WEAPONS for a SPIRITUAL WAR. We have to use SPIRITUAL WEAPONS, which is what Jesus Christ showed with His Life and Death. His Death, was the ultimate trial, in fulfilling God’s Plan for Him. Could ANY MAN have done what He did? ABSOLUTELY NO. Man would have wimped out….because that is how weak in the flesh we are to fear.  But Jesus showed us, that with putting God in control, it is possible. Jesus showed, that we must continue giving, if it means to the point of death of our human bodies, to LIVING God’s Words. In a previous entry of mine on this blog, I had referred to the Book of Revelations, Chapter 2; where God ask us, are we willing to uphold HIs Gospel to the point of death? When we have truly been enlightened by the ONE TRUTH; fro the ONE TRUE God….we will begin to see what the true value of things really are, in this world. And we will see that there is nothing in comparison to the value of what God’s Eternal Paradise, has to offer us. Which is what Jesus demonstrated in His Resurrection into Heaven. We must give…keep giving….

What is the point in saving, when your family members or neighbors are starving and homeless? What is the point in having power, if you can help those who are helpless? What is the point in loving only those that love you back, when once someone DECIDED to love you, as a perfect stranger; or to forgive you when you did something wrong? What is the point in having closets full of clothes, when you neighbor has only 1 pair of clothes to wear? And for a God that says that He is not of the ways of this world, but BEYOND them; what is the point in donating to charities, when you don’t invest you heart o the people you are helping with that money…..for a tax right off? For earthly recognition? God says, if that is what you seek, then your recognition will remain at that point, and that HE WILL NOT RECOGNIZE you, when you come knocking at His Door.

Once we recognize the true value of the things of this world, we will know what Jesus meant through His Teachings…it will become a part of us to the point that it is how we live and breath. When we do this, we encounter the resistance, the trials of this world, which make us die in the earthly sense, but become MORE ALIVE in the spiritual sense. The enlightenment of God’s Love and Words, will become more clearer. And the death of the human body, as many of those of our Brothers and Sisters, in all of the 4 corners of the world are enduring, will seem trivial in comparison to what God has promised us. In fact a life that is free from trials, is a life that is not threatening Evil; but a life that is conforming to it. And a life that is full of trials and challenges, is a life that is resisting evil, and fighting to get one step closer to the Creator.

God, through Jesus Christ, His Son, showed us that He loved us so much as to give His Son to save Mankind from being in the Hands of Evil. He loved us so much as to take on our sins, as His Own. To take on our punishment for falling astray from God, and falling for Evil’s Temptations, AS HIS OWN. We have to give…keep giving….