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From Hollywood to Finding God, US Teen Idol Kirk Cameron Dedicates His Life to God and Jesus Christ

Even at the heights of his fame in Hollywood, Kirk Cameron, as a Teen Idol, found God, as the age of 17 years old. Upon finding God, and learning about Jesus Christ, Kirk Cameron decided to dedicate his life in serving the Lord. This is his testimony of how he was brought to the Lord, and how he is serving the Lord, even in the fast paced life of Hollywood. He explains how his view on how he should conduct his life changed upon finding God and Jesus Christ. While many of his own colleagues like Corey Haim, River Phoenix, and even his co-star in “Growing Pains” are no longer here, he saw that he was still here, based on finding God, and diverging from the lifestyle of Hollywood, as a result of finding God and Jesus Christ. He decided to use his influence and dedicate his life in serving God and Jesus Christ. I love how he says, “So…this is the TMZ Question…”

Please have a look at his testimony below. This clip was taken from YouTube for educational purposes.