A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.

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What does it mean in being faithful to God…


I think the biggest misunderstanding about following God’s Path, is that we had to have led sinless lives. What many forget is that upon the introduction of sin by Satan at the Garden of Eden; we, as human beings fall very easily to sin. However, what separates God’s People who enters His Paradise, to those that may not enter, is one thing…the purity of their love for God, in their hearts.

Love is such a powerful thing. The most underestimated thing that exists. It has the power to make the coldest of hearts, thaw out. Love can have the power to forgive and show mercy; amongst many other things. It can purify a heart, once its true meaning, in the divine sense, is known.

The final point made in the previous paragraph is what is most important to understand. Once you have understood even a portion of God’s Unconditional Love, you will realize that despite the evil that is constantly being thrown at you, in trying to sin…that God can forgive all sin, as long as you go back to the Father of Creation, with a humble heart, and ask for His Forgiveness. You see the faithfulness that God seeks of you, is building that relationship with Him, on a daily basis. Just like how one would invest in developing a relationship with anyone here, you should also spend that same amount of time, if not more, with the Father of Creation…Yahweh…Jehovah…Abba…Devum…God. You can laugh with Him….cry with Him…get angry…and sad with Him. He just yearns for us to know of His Existence; to recognize that He is there in all those moments in our lives, and will be there to either comfort us…or to share the moments of joy with us. By travelling with Him through our life jourenys, He will guide us through our paths…revealing to us, what He wants us to understand of His Love.

When we realize His Existence in our lives, we will see the value in things that He values….and see the true value of the things of this world, in comparison. We will begin to see our hearts slowly transform. And feel our hearts yearning for God and His Ways more and more. Being faithful to God, is a path that requires personal growth. This path may not be straight forward…and there may be huge bolders put into the path by Evil, to try to distract us off of the path. THE KEY IS….to get right back on to the path.

Remember we are fighting a spiritual battle. And it is not going to be an easy battle to fight; because neither side is willing to give us up. It all comes down to the side we CHOOSE to fight for, to end up on. Jesus Christ has said through His Teachings, that the path to Heaven narrow; and very few travel it. So God already knows that the journey will be hard. But He also does not want to give up on us. That is why He sent down Jesus Christ to die on the Cross, as the Salvation for all of Mankind.

I think as human beings, we look for God to give us answers, which correlate to what we had in mind for our lives. We have to remember that God’s Logic is not in accordance to what we want for our lives; but with what He wants for our lives. And in being faithful to Him, is trusting in Him for the answers that He provides. This is what it means, to be faithful to an Unseen God. Doing this requires an immense amount of strength. But have you have had “gut feelings” about things within your life? Looking back on all those “gut feelings”…how many times were they correct or right? How many times did you listen to them? I can tell you from personal experience that 99.9% of the time, they were correct…and how many times did I follow them? 50-60% of the time. I truly believe these “gut feelings” were God’s nudgings. We all get them; but the question is how many of us listen to them. Remember such nudgings should always be in line with God’s Teachings of Unconditional Love.

Evil will always try to convince you that in order to enter God’s Kingdom, you should have led a PERFECT life. Not true at all. If you look at all those that Jesus Christ forgave for their sins, along his life of ministry while living on this Earth, they were all those considered as sinners by the law of the land. But Jesus always had one answer for ALL of them, that sought out for His Forgiveness, and knowing that He, as Jesus, had a special connection with God, to relay how sorry they were for their sins…”By your faith you are healed”; “Through your faith you will enter paradise…”

So what did Jesus Christ mean? He simply meant, by the purity in your faith in the Father of Creation, you are healed from your sins. By the purity of your faith…you will enter God’s Paradise, to which He has promised all. The purity of one’s faith is based on developing a daily relationship with the Father of Creation. By developing this relationship with Him, You will become more in tune with His Ways of Love. You will realize that nothing of this world gives you greater joy than to do things that are in line with God’s Unconditional Love. This means to change from the ways that were not inline with God’s Unconditional Love, and moving on from them. As humans, it may take us a couple of times to change from them. But the ultimate lesson that Jesus teaches us is that we have till the very last breath in our earthly bodies to make things right in the Eyes of God. But the sooner we turn from each sinful way, the more time we have to focus on other things that we need to change within us, that are not inline with God’s Unconditional Love. It is a journey of constant refining.

What many fail to remember is that God is everywhere. He sees all things. Whether you believe you can hide your flaws, the truth is that you can not hide them from the Father. He has already seen it. It is up to you to fix it. This is what will separate a Believer from a Non-believer, at the end. This is what will determine if you were faithful or not to God…..


Being Faithful in the Everyday Things



Today I had quite an enlightening day.  Based on what was happening in my personal family life, and amongst other aspects, God has really confirmed in me something that I was pondering on for a couple of months; upon meditating on the Life, Passion, and Death of Jesus Christ. 

There comes a time where everyone is awakened to the fact that, “My life on this earth could end any day….what have I done to make truce with My Maker?”  This is where I have found that true transformation occurs, of the heart and soul of a person; when we come upon this realization.

In the Bible it says, “It is until we become broken vessels that we can separate ourselves from the ways of this world, and allow for the Holy Spirit to enter within us.”  How many of us remember that God is behind the happy moments in life?  We seem to remember Him and His Teachings of Love, when things are going a little bumpy or when we are in trouble, more often, than the happy moments. 

I believe what Jesus has taught with the example of His Life, is that we must work on the everyday things to have the roots of God’s Love to take root within us.  Just as we brush our teeth, eat food, and bathe ourselves; we must consciously try to uphold God’s Laws in the everyday things.  Whether it be a random act of kindness; a random note of “hello” to let someone know that you are thinking of them; or just smiling at a stranger in the street.  I believe the nature of someone is reflected in their simple everyday acts.  Many of those who have been enlightened by God, did just that.  They were faithful to God’s Words in the everyday things, while living out amongst the world that God created.  Not segregating yourself from the everyday world; but living in it for God’s Enlightenment.  That is exactly what Jesus did.  Since God said He is in everywhere and in everything….why restrict yourself to the sources of your enlightenment?

The beauty of God’s Love is that it is endless…it is abundant.  Often, we allow our own human logic to get in the way of experiencing God’s Guidance to His Love.  But what is perfect about God’s Love is that it is unconditional.  Jesus showed us that in His Life.  That if we seek with a faithful heart, in all things we do on this earth….God will guide us in all we do, to a path that will lead us to His Perfect Kingdom.

The Endless Road of Loneliness



I have traveled this lonely path for such a long time;

In my life, so many people come and go, for no reason of rhyme.

The life I see for my future is to love all those who come to me;

But yet no one there to love me back in the same manner, or to even understand my plea.




Every night, as I pray;

I think of all the pain, I felt of that day;

The pain of my father;

Pain of my mother;

That of my Little Brother…

Of those that are close and dear;

And even of whom I just met for the moment, whose story brought to my eye, a tear.

And after I finish my prayers for the night;

I lay in my bed wondering if anyone else prays for me, as I do of them, with all their might.




This road that I travel is windy and long;

Full of tumbleweed and silence that is so deafening and strong.

The silence has always been a bothersome force;

Hence I fill my silence with a song and writing, noise of an expressive source;

Daydreaming of far away lands…

With emotions that are strong with passion and gentle touches of a friend’s hands.

Dreams of never allowing anyone else to feel the very same depths of my pain;

Of no one understanding you…leaving loneliness so deep that it will of your heart, stain.




The lives of all those around you;

Will move on, bringing into their lives things that are new;

Often making me wonder, when am I for all that, due.

Walking on this path, all alone;

Constantly seeking if anyone will walk, willingly, into my zone.




God, I will endure anything You ask of me;

I will do it willingly and with shouts of glee.

It is heard for me to grasp why people do not see what I see;

As a result, very few travel the lonely path that can ultimately set you free.

I may never find the same love that I so freely give;

And am preparing myself to walking on this lonely path, as long as I live.




Maybe this is what is required of my life;

To have life experiences that cut my heart like a knife.

In order to love those with so much strife;

And for them to walk away when all is better in their life…

Leaving me so cold…

As if my love was sold…

I fall to my knees, tears endlessly falling to the ground;

Holding a hand bur for comfort and to understand…but none to be found.




On this endless road of loneliness, I form a river with my tears;

Constantly, despite my own, of others’ pain my heart follows and hears;

To them I solely tend;

Despite of my own heart’s need for itself to mend.

A Collage of My Personal Heroes in History

St. Alphonsa Muttathupadathu

Jesus Christ


St. Thomas, The Apostle (a.k.a. The Doubter)


Mahatma Gandhi and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


St. Mother Teresa

Am I Worthy, Abba Father?

May the Promise of God be fulfilled.

Dear Father in Heaven:

Your love never ceases to amaze me.  There were times of when I could not forgive myself, and at those very moments You kissed my forehead with sunshine or a rainbow.  One time I remember You had blessed me to have seen 2 rainbows, one ontop of the other.  Another time, it was the kind words of a parent or sibling…and at times a perfect stranger that became a close friend. 

I look outside and see the deer and fawn living off of the land.  Despite the grass being brown and dried out from the heat, the deer seem to always be nibbling on something.  I see the little birds tweeting and flying around so happily, not even bothered by their surroundings.  The flowers in the wild always have something to survive on.  If You, Father God in Heaven, provide even for these little ones, who am I to feel apprehensive or worried?  They do not worry.

Prophet after Prophet, Father God in Heaven, You kept on sending your Messengers to reveal to us a portion of Your Wisdom.  Yet we refused to listen to them.  Yet You still continue to shower us with Your love…never giving up on us.

Dear Father in Heaven, I am not worthy of such a love.  I thank You for Your endless mercy and forgiveness.  May I be a worthy Servant of Love, for You.  For I know that all of the things of this earth are temporary and fixed in price; while the things that You provide are everlasting and priceless.  The earthly trials that we go through on this earth, are tests for the Truth behind the Faith we profess.  I stand before You, Father in Heaven, naked and in humble servitude.  You know all of me….You know all of everyone; for You Created all.  Yet some of my fellow brothers and sisters believe that whatever is not in sight on the earhtly realm, is hidden forever. 

I know that all is seen before You.  Though I am imperfect, I strive everday for Your Approval.  May we all find that approval and worthiness to enter Your Great Kingdom in Heaven, full of Love and Happiness.  To give glory and praise to You, Our Awesome Creator.

Love Always,

Your Daughter.

River of Endless Tears


Each day with increasing anger and fears;

Angels cry a river of endless tears.

watching from distances far away;

Of how those who try to uphold integrity are left for evil to slay.




Days filled with insults, schemes, and lies;

Hitting humanity so hard to destruction, as evil swoops and flies.

A world now filled with so much hate;

It is getting closer to the times of redeeming ourselves, may be too late.

From every corner evil lurks, lunges, and leers…

The height continues to increase of the angels’ “River of Endless Tears”.




In this day and age it is quite common to be betrayed by a parent, brother, or sister;

Where bloodlines no longer reguire any allegiance, but allow things more sinister.pain and destruction seeping through… all around.

We must continue to seek guidance from up Above, to be Heaven Bound.




Hurricanes,earthquakes, climate changes,and floods…

War stricken lands with gunfire and scuds…

People hide and with fear and live;

Our Creator cries, why do we to evil’s temptation, give.




We continously bind ourselves to the earth and its ways;

Covering he path for which “the One”, at our feet lays.

His Angels continuously weep;

As to why out of life we make mountains that were not meant to be steep.




With each day it is harder to maintain;

Staying on the path that we were meant to remain.

Those who decide to walk “The Path” must remain determined and strong;

For difficulties and strife will be tough to endure, and seem long.

Logic to what is wrong or right;

Will no longer apply, and for your soul…you would ned to fight.

We must not get jaded and overcome evil derived fears;’

To stop the river of endless tears.




Friendships Annointed by God


For each person we come across there is a purpose...a reason, in God's great purpose within our lives. (Picture from http://www.jesusknowsyoubest.blogspot.com)


People that walk into our lives, as quick as the wind in the sky;

But remains forever in your life, through moments that make you both smile and cry.

There may be moments of silence and a distance that seems to go for miles;

Yet all of those earthly parameters do not hinder God’s Ways or styles.




For anything blessed by the Creator can withstand all barriers established by the Earth and its ways;

Especially a friendship like ours, for at God’s Feet it lays.

Withstanding all of the tests of time, being strong and blessed it stays.




A friendship like ours is of love, the unconditional kind;

Whwere we are free to love and care for one another, free of any worries within our mind.

We never need to be preoccupied with worries of alterior intentions of one another;

Or even having the fear of thinking of  each other we would smother.




Thank you for all of the years;

Where you listened to all of my fears;

Even tried to wipe away my tears…

For all of our long walks;

From our silly to spiritual talks…

You have blessed me in so many ways;

Because this friendship is from God, forever it will remain.