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Unconditional Love that was Demonstrated by Jesus Christ

So many yearn to be unconditionally loved in this world. And so many want to guard their own hearts from unconditionally loving others, based on past pain and hurt. These are all things that make us human beings. But what differentiates a “spiritually enlightened human being” and a “regular human being”? Well, very simple. When we finally have come to the conclusion that we were created to love; and the very principle of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, is beyond our human nature. And being guided and strengthened by a Divine Force, which created us. When we understand that the Father of Creation, is LOVE, we will understand that all things that come from Him, are full of love. Why is it beyond our human nature? Well, we were created for it to be a part of our human nature, which can be seen in the initial days of Adam & Eve. Then when Satan introduced temptation and sin, into the Garden of Eden, we see that human nature had changed. This is how evil took its reign on this earth.

However, God had a plan. A plan to restore our human nature, to the greatness that He had originally created for us to be. This plan was to carry out ending evil’s rule on the earth; and to reestablish God’s direct connection to His Most Precious Creations, Man. This plan needed to absorb all sin, that was committed by Man, so that it can be saved from being lost to Evil’s Darkness, forever. God’s Plan was to send His Son, Jesus Christ from Heaven, to live amongst His Creations. To let His Son endure all that His Creations endure, and to show us, as His Creations, that despite all the obstacles, we are eligible for Eternal Life, with the Father of Creation. God loved us so much, UNCONDITIONALLY, that He sent His Son, to take on the punishment that was meant for us, as His Own. The torture that Jesus Christ endured, or what many Christians know as “The Passion”, was meant for Mankind, based on their sin vulnerable, human nature, was taken on behalf of us, by Jesus Christ. So with each time I get frustrated in my path; or get thrown off, I think to myself:

God gave His Son’s Life, to save me from being in Darkness, forever. He loved me that much to tell me through Jesus Christ, that He saw something worthy within me, to enter His Kingdom. Despite my mistakes, despite my flaws, Jesus Christ, the perfection that He was as the Son of God, saw that I was worth dying for. So who am I to give up on my path, when God did not give up on me? Who am I to give up on my path to finding God, when Jesus Christ endured all the torture meant for me, on my behalf?

Jesus Christ being whipped

Jesus standing beaten and tortured

Jesus Christ was the Ultimate Symbol of Unconditional Love. His Act of Love is one that can be understood by all. He sacrificed His Life for the sake of Mankind. The reason why He was born, was to save Mankind through His Death on the Cross. This is something very important to know and understand about Jesus Christ. He died, to unshackle Mankind from Evil; and to restore God’s direct pathway back with His Children on Earth. So that we will truly have THE CHOICE to choose between following God’s Divine Laws of Love; or not. Like a Lamb being slaughtered, Jesus Christ became that Lamb, willingly, to fulfill His…our Father’s Plan for Him. Is that not UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? Why is that so hard to believe? Is God not our Father? Is that not what a parent would do for their children….to lay down their life for them? Even the animals in the wild understand this. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, could have chosen the easy route on this earth….but He didn’t. As He walked on this earth, He loved all EQUALLY, despite what walk of life they came from. At the same time, while doing so He never compromised God’s Instructions to Him, as to living a life that is honorable to Him. His lack of straying away, was what demonstrated His Connection to Divinity. His steadfast faith, and unconditional love is what demonstrated His Connection to Divinity. He being able to endure the torture and the death He did for the sake of another, was not something a human being could endure for the sake of another, but only the One that is connected to Divinity, could do.

As we look around the world, we see many Christians who have given up their earthly lives for the sake of not renouncing Jesus Christ. Why do you suppose they did that? It’s because of the Unconditional Love that they saw God demonstrated for them, through His Son, Jesus Christ’s, Torture and Death on the Cross, for their sake. God, though seeing our imperfections, loved us so much as to give us another chance. His Son, died for us. God died for us. We are not to live in the flesh, for Jesus Christ showed us on the Cross, that our earthly flesh is not what is being battled over. It is our souls, which mold our human nature. We have to keep refining ourselves, to get back to the original greatness that we were created to be. And if God says He is not of the world’s ways, but beyond them; that means that whatever may be considered of great value in this world, may not hold the same weight in the Eyes of God. That we need to begin investing the time and effort in perfecting our inner selves; and not so much the outer self. This is a lifelong process, to which I said before in my entry below, that God knows the beginning and end to. Just like Jesus Christ trusted in God’s Will of His Life, we have to do the same.

For Unconditional Love will never be understood by a heart who still values the ways of this world. It could never be fully expressed by a heart that still holds on to the things and parameters of this world. It can only be understood and demonstrated by a heart that has broken away from the ways of this world; and found its connection with Divinity. Once that connection is made, this heart will only know how to love unconditionally, for the sake of honoring the Father of Creation, and Jesus Christ’s Unconditional Love shown at the Cross, in Calvary.

Jesus Christ Crucifixion

Preparing Yourself (Part II)

With each day put on the Armor of God.....

With each day put on the Armor of God…..

God also states that in the end of times, in the Book of Revelations, that many of His People will be persecuted. Many of His People will be even killed for pointing out what is right and wrong in accordance to His Laws of Divinity. But death to the earthly body is in no comparison to a death of the spirit/soul. The minute we choose evil’s earthly ways, and do not turn away from them with the wholeheartedness, to not commit them again….that begins the process of the condemnation of our souls. Souls never die. But souls can either be stained for purified. This is a truth believed by all faiths, all across the board. But God’s ways purify the heart and soul; and only HE can be the judge of this.

The intentions behind our thoughts and actions, is what we, as Man, are judged by. These intentions will be reflected in the purity of the heart and soul. What should the intention be? To honor the Authority of THE CREATOR through your thoughts and actions. Whenever an action or thought is justified for PERSONAL GAIN, that’s when we fall prey to evil; which only muddies the heart and soul. There will come a time on this earth, where evil will have full authority over it….so God’s People, will need to decide to go against the grain or not;  to uphold God’s Divine Laws of Love and Peace. Has not World History showed us this? Those that changed Mankind out of Love, died to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love. and Peace. They, as Jesus Christ said, in His Sermon on the Mount, “TURNED THE OTHER CHEEK”. This is guaranteed for all of God’s People. So by growing stronger in your faith in God, He will help you to discern the deception that Evil will envelope this earth with, to turn people away from God’s Path…and to further deceive nonbelievers. Endure the trials to refine your faith, this is the only weapon you have against evil. It is a spiritual war that is occurring, over the SOULS. Many are already lost, but they have the chance to come back….till the last breath of their earthly bodies.  None of us know when that is, however, so that is why such refinement has to be an everyday process. And even then, it has to be humbling to the point of it becoming a wholehearted, born again heart and soul.

We were born shackled to the evil ways of this world; but upon truly understanding why Jesus Christ, as the Son of GOD(Not Son of Man….but being GOD Himself) had to sacrifice Himself, to become the Salvation for ALL OF MANKIND, we will be truly set free of those shackles. Jesus Christ did not come here to establish a religion. As the Son of God, He came to set us free, and to give us the choice to choose His Ways or not. And those that have seen the truth in His Life Example and Teachings….were changed forever in seeing it. God has said, no matter what Holy Book you follow, that HIS TRUTH will prevail. His Truth translates all the same, no matter what faith belief we follow. Because His Ways are constant and everlasting. As stated in the entry below, by Jude, God’s Ways are that which do NOT follow our “natural instincts” or “human nature”. Therefore we are not to give in to them, in order to follow God’s Ways. We must be BEYOND them. We do not have enough strength to do it with our own human strength, but must ask God to give us the strength to conquer those sinful ways of human nature. God has guaranteed victory through Him, and only God can help us to conquer the Devil.

To Believe or Not To Believe

The title of this entry is a question that every Human Being considers. We come to point in our lives where we pose this question to ourselves. There is one thing my mentor has said, that we are always connected to our Maker, because He truly is Our Father. What separates a Believer, from a NonBeliever in God and His Ways of Divine Love? Very simple. Whether we have the boldness to believe in the things that are from an Unseen God; or not. God says He is beyond the world’s ways. He is beyond them. He is God, the Creator of this world…this Universe. He is not bound by the boundaries of His Creations. He sets his own definitions. And the definition that He has given us, as creations in this world, about His Ways, is that HE IS BEYOND THEM. This is what Jesus Christ, as His Son, showed us with His Life, Death, and Resurrection into Heaven. We live in this world, yes. But to live by the ways of God, we must VALUE in our minds, hearts, and souls, HIS WAYS, that are not of the ways of this world; but ways of Love and Forgiveness. Such ways do not involve materialistic worldly things, that are along the lines of fame, fortune, and wealth. Such ways are not inline with the Seven Deadly Sins of : 1) Greed; 2) Gluttony; 3) Sloth; 4) Envy; 5) Wrath; 6) Lust; 7) Pride. These are things that are defined by the world’s ways; and shackle us to evil. Upon coming to this world; and dying on the Cross at Calvary, Jesus Christ, freed us from evil. He took on the Purpose of refreshing our minds, by showing us what is expected of us, in order to enter Eternal Life. With His Life, Jesus, as the Son of God, showed us that though being the King of ALL Kings; and a member of the MOST HIGH COURT, that coming and being born in a cattle’s manger; and living the humble life of a Carpenter’s Son…that Earthly Titles do not mean anything when it comes to the Kingdom. Jesus showed us through His Teachings, that though being ridiculed and persecuted for that He said, He stood steadfast in faith of the Truth that had revealed to Him, in them. Jesus though being the Son of God, was given the death sentence of a CRIMINAL, and he took it on willingly, to uphold God’s Laws of Divine Love, at all costs of HIS EARTHLY LIFE; to SHOW US ETERNITY is gained through giving up everything that is of earthly measure, even to the point of your earthly body. Why? Because it is the purity of the SOUL within you, that is promised eternity or not.  He upheld ‘TURNING THE OTHER CHEEK“, to the point of death of his earthly body. WHY? Because God’s ways are not defined by the ways of this world; but is beyond them. If we have heard and known, and even accepted the Gospels, we would understand this fundamental thought. And fear not of the things of this world; but fear the God who has the final say of our lives. Fear him out of love for His Great Wisdom and Love for Mankind, to which He showed us through Jesus Christ.


We can not be “lukewarm” to God’s Laws of Divine Love. We have to be either for it, or against it. God showed us that we do not let those around us define how we should love; but allow for him to guide us as to how we should love, that would help us preserve the purity of our hearts and souls. This is where Jesus Christ’s Teaching of becoming like Children, in our faith in God, comes from. A child never hesitates to love. However, knows when things are right and wrong at the same time. This only proves, with limited worldly experiences, that God has innately put within all of us, what He wants of us, and expects us to retain throughout our earthly life. And even then, if we had gone off the path, God sent Jesus Christ, to cut our ties to temptation and evil, and to take on our sins, as His Own. As a perfect offering….a Sacrifice. And even then, we have till the last breath in our earthly bodies to come to the realization. We are given choices through our freewill. He does not force us by any means, but gives us that choice. Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, though having every power within HIm to avoid any earthly suffering, showed us that He has gone through every human circumstance, and still upheld God’s Laws, and showed us how to do so. That it is possible to attempt doing so. To believe wholeheartedly in an Unseen God, and to live His Ways, wholeheartedly take much more strength, than to live by the ways that are restricted by the world’s ways. Evil has the power to manipulate what we can see….what we can hear….what we can feel with our hands…what we can smell and taste. Make no mistake about that. But by believing in a God that is not restricted to the world’s ways, as Jesus Christ has shown us, can open a world of Eternity for us. We just have to have the strength to see what is right in front of us, and wholeheartedly trust in a God that says He is beyond the world’s ways. This is why Jesus Christ said, that the pathway to God’s Kingdom is narrow and straight; but the pathway to Hell is winding and wide.

To Believe or not to Believe…..to take the straight path or the winding one…..those are the questions that you should pose to yourself. Don’t be gripped by fear of your mistakes in the past or present. God says with each new day that He gives you, He gives you a chance to come to Him. He can wipe our slates clean; and make us anew in Him. How is your faith these days….?

Survival of the Fittest (Part 2)

Micah 6,8

When you hear the following words, what comes to mind?

1.  Gullable

2. Niave

3. Childlike

4.  Soft-hearted

5. Nice

Well, general consensus would say that people who possess such qualities are disadvantageous, right? Or that people who use such words to describe others, usually have negative connotations to it, considering them weak in nature. Right? In fact, with the current philosophy of survival of the fittest be adopted, such people are often preyed upon. How do we see this? We see it in the following forms:

1.  The increase in abuse of children

2. The increase in abuse of animals

3. Disregarding the poor in the world

4. Institutionalizing our Elderly

And the list goes on and on……

What Jesus Christ demonstrated with His Own Life and Death, is that God’s Rewards and Ways are not of this world. In fact, the rewards of the Almighty God are those which promise Eternal Life, and are completely fulfilling of the mind, heart, and soul. Jesus Christ showed us through His Life that we should uphold God’s Ways at all costs, even to the point of His Death on the Cross. As the Son of God, He came down from Heaven, to live amongst us, as a Man. He did this to show us how God expects us to live on this Earth, in accordance to God’s Laws of Love, while facing the trials and temptations of Evil. Even the Son of God, was not exempt from the troubles of this Earth. So why do we as Human Beings think we would not have problems to face on this earth? In fact the more we insist on upholding God’s Ways; the more trials we face.Why? Because we are getting evil angry for not conforming to the ways of this world; which are under its influence. As Jesus Christ did, we must continue to uphold God’s Ways, despite the trials.

What we have to realize is that evil uses these trials in order to deter us off the path of righteous to God. It is a way of discouraging us away from God’s Path…convincing us to give in to our flesh, which is already weak to evil’s temptations. Jesus, as the Son of God, had to rely on God’s Strength to help Him to fulfill God’s Will and Purpose of His Life on this Earth. So we must ask God for the same. This is why Jesus Christ said that He came to this Earth, to change the Old Law of “Eye for an Eye”; and to “Turn the Other Cheek“.

Never be ashamed about possessing the qualities mentioned initially, above. God said that we are to love beyond our own selves. We are trust in Him, who is not of the ways of this world. And the only way to having eternal life, within His Kingdom is by not conforming to the ways of this world; but His Ways of Love. People who trust in the Almighty God, appear to the world in the words described above. But Jesus told us through His Own Life Example, that we should not be ashamed of being ridiculed for following the ways of the Almighty God. In fact when you think of it, those who are ridiculing, or causing an offense to such individuals, should be ashamed of not seeing the Word of God, trying to be revealed to them. They should feel ashamed for taking advantage of their “goodhearted nature”; or their “childlike faith” in the Creator; for the sake of getting ahead in this world; to obtain worldly possessions and power. But in the end, God has promised to seek justice for those who have suffered injustice for upholding His Ways. We just have to trust in the Truth.

Again it is not about adapting to the changing ways of this world, which is the definition of the philosophy of “Survival of the Fittest”. It is about constantly upholding God’s Ways, in a changing world, where evil is trying to shackle you to it. This is what Jesus Christ demonstrated with His Life, Teachings, and Death on the Cross. If you have been downtroddened or “taken advantage” of, do not despair. Continue to seek God, and upholding His Ways, and God will get justice for the injustice you suffered. He will always protect His Children.

What people forget to realize about Jesus Christ is that He was born on to this Earth, in order to die, to save Mankind. God’s saw that there was still something good in Mankind, worth saving. That is why He sent down His Son, to die, in order to take on the punishment that we, as Mankind, were supposed to have suffered for the sins we committed, that violated God’s Ways of Love. So keep upholding God’s Love, because it is because of people like you that God saw that Mankind was worth saving, and Jesus Christ saw it was worth dying for.

Spiritual Warfare

Unconditional Love shows no Inhibitions to Love Others

Jesus showed us through the many examples in His Life’s Teachings that when it comes to Unconditional Love, it shows no inhibitions or guilt for whom it loves. As the Son of God, Jesus has chosen to sit with the sinners and the faithful; to preach to the rich and the poor…..forgiveness and love spans across all, equally. Such love is what unshackles us to the ways of this world; and brings us one step closer to God. He tells us that this is the only way we can be set free from Evil.

Many times, people get scorned or hurt to love, once they have loved. But we must remember, just as children do, we must be resilient to love again. Because that is the difference between SELF Love and SELFLESS Love. Where one is CONDITIONAL (SELF LOVE) and one is UNCONDITIONAL (SELFLESS LOVE). Jesus always made time for those that requested it; despite what was going on within His Own Life (let’s face it, he was being ridiculed, persecuted, and even continued on with His Preaching, day and night). It did not matter, if someone asked for Him to come, and speak to them….He makes that time…no matter what He felt….or what He was doing at the moment.  That is Unconditional SELFLESS Love.  Unconditional Love can ONLY be selfless in nature. There is nothing more important than another within such love….all is equal. That is why Jesus had to commit the ULTIMATE ACT OF UNCONDITIONAL SELFLESS LOVE…..BY DYING ON THE CROSS FOR ALL OF MANKIND.

It is a timeless theme, that anyone can understand, if they just open up their hearts, and defeat that fear. Fear is something that EVIL thrives off of. In fact it can be the biggest hinderance for any human being to progress within their earthly AND spiritual lives. When it comes to God’s Unconditional Love, there is no hesitation….it just is…..in its existence. There is no RIGHT circumstance….it just is….in its existence. Whenever someone came in contact with Jesus Christ in complete anger…hatred….or ridicule; as the Son of God, He was able to transform every heart to that of complete obedience to God’s Unconditional Love.

Such love can not be shackled by someone who is stuck in the ways of this world. Such a heart can only be with other hearts that are alike in mannerisms and nature. We must understand that to have such a heart…to experiece such a love, we can not define ourselves by the ways of this world; but by the ways of the Father of Creation, Abba, Himself.


Jesus offered His Love for you and all of Mankind. Would you accept it, and do the same?

Jesus offered His Love for you and all of Mankind. Would you accept it, and do the same?

The Father’s Gift to us….


I think the most important thing ANY parent can pass on to their child, is something that the child him/herself can perpetuate within themselves. A tool to which the engulf to which molds them to who they become, as a human being. And this is what the Father of Creation does with us everyday.

No matter what Satan and his evil tries to do, in order to destroy us, God shows us, everyday, how much He loves us. He has shown that He will go through any extent to show us His Love. He has shown us that He loves us so much, that He would do anything to save us, as He demonstrated with the Death of His Own Son, Jesus Christ, at the Cross at Calvary. Though we may understand His Ways in life, that is what makes US, His Children…..while He is the Father of Creation. His Ways are far beyond any our understanding.  Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, for one purpose, to live, to die, in order to save ALL of Mankind. It is as simple as that. God’s Message…through Jesus Christ is very clear in this. While He passed by on this Earth, Jesus Christ showed us how God wanted to live our lives here on this Earth. He taught us what God tells us are tools to defeat Satan and His Evil. To have the faith to believe in the Unseen God, takes an immense amount of strength. To live by it, takes even more. However having this faith, will show you things that are beyond the ways of this world, to things that are beyond all human logic. God asks us to have a childlike faith in Him….as Jesus Christ told us all, and all will be inherited onto us. Once we have tasted God, that thirst will never leave. That hunger to know The Father of Creation, will more and more.

He never said that we had to lead perfect lives, but to fearlessly feed that hunger….to continuously seek to quench that thirst within us. He asks us that when we do fall off, to get back on to that path….His Forgiveness is Endless, and His Love is Plentiful, to wipe our mistakes away. By sending Jesus Christ, He showed us that. Jesus came to take on the sins of all of Mankind on His Shoulders, and died in our place for it, instead of ourselves. Such love can not be shown in any other way. There is no condition….just to make the choice in believing in that such love can be given….and that it is far more powerful than anything of this earth. It is not a “political movement” or religion…it is a way of life.  That is what Jesus Christ meant to show us through His Time here on this earth.  He is THE GREATEST warrior of Love…because He was God, who walked on This Earth. And He CHOSE to die, OUT OF LOVE for Mankind.

It certainly is not about what is right or wrong in a religion……because God KNOWS who is right…..Jesus Christ KNOWS, as the Son of God, who is right, and died on the Cross, for God’s Purpose for all of Mankind. And the love that God gives His Warriors of Love is so fearless, that it will endure till the end of all time.

When You Face Trials in Your Life…Remember it is Evil Getting Angry

Someone wise once revealed to me,”As a person that decided to dedicate themselves in serving God, remember the trials that you face, is Evil getting angry at how much more stronger you are getting in your faith.” The more trials you face, the more angry evil is getting with you for moving away from its ways, and moving one step closer to your path towards God.  Evil asks us to get lost in the ways of this world….and to shackles us to it, as a result of this.  While God, the Father of Creation, asks us to free ourselves from the ways of this world, because He is not of it.  We are to follow His Ways of Unconditional Love, whose ways are far above any of those of this world.  

When we live a life that is free of troubles and trials, we as people who chose to walk this spiritual path towards finding our ways back to the Father of Creation, we should consider….are we not threatening evil? We must remember that the stronger we become in our faith, the more worried evil gets.  Why?  This is because it has not conquered the soul within.  Evil knows, Satan knows, that his time in reigning on this earth is running out.  In fact, the final countdown for his reign began at the Cross in Calvary, when Jesus Christ died for all of Mankind.  He defeated….CONQUERED evil at the Cross.  This is when God had said to Satan….your days are numbered.  Since then, Satan has been running around rampantly, like an angry child throwing a tantrum…trying to claim as many souls as he can, to take away from the Father of Creation.  WHY?  Because he knows that he can never enter back to the Kingdom of God; and if he can never  enter back….then he does not want anyone else to feel what he can NEVER feel again.  

So remember when you are facing trials in your life…remember to stand stronger in your faith.  Evil is only getting angry that you are not conforming to his ways.  In fact, he is angry that you are moving away from his trick and trances.  When you have a life that is free from such things…..you may want to consider where your faith stands.  Is it with the ways of this world…..or is it with the Father of Creation?  Jesus Christ showed us through His Life, that Evil will throw trials and even torture, to the point of death….to throw you off of the Path of God.  THINK ABOUT IT?  Even the SON OF GOD, Himself, was not exempt.  Jesus Christ came here not to start a religion, but a way of life.  He showed us that God forgives everyone, that you do not need to lead a PERFECT life.  All it takes is asking with a humble heart to forgive your wrongs, in front of the Father of Creation, and He will wipe your slate clean.  Jesus came here to be an Example.  Instead of getting caught up in memorizing His Words…look at how He lived those words…..Those are the tools to defeat evil.

Remember a heart rooted in the Unconditional Love that Jesus Christ displayed at the Cross is one that is devoid of wrath or anger.  It is one only filled with saddness for those who are too blind to see the Love that Our Father in Heaven has for all…..and filled with gladness for the Love that He has shown us, as His Faithful.  Stand strong in your faith…endure the trials proudly.  You are getting one step closer to God….and one step away from Evil.  And 1,000 steps closer in conquering Evil.