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To Give In, Would Be So Easy



When has anything worth having, come with ease;

Only things that are temporary, that come and go with the breeze.

Things that are everlasting, will enter one’s life through the most tortuous path;

Making the end result permanent, it’s worth doing the math.


Though meant to be offered to all;

Truth is only realized by very few… a population that is small.

Because the path to truth is so painful and hard;

Many will want to give in to falsehood, due to the fear of being scarred.


Those who are in the light of the Truth will endure many painful events;

That will make the heart and mind worn down, building walls and tents.

However, once a mind and heart has tasted and felt it;

One can feel the Truth eminate from this person’s spirit.


Truth comes to those that make the choice;

To be a beacon of light, and through a megaphone be its voice…

Though being enticed by evil and its ways;

Take the “easy and pleasureable way…to get recognition in this world”, it says.


Though offered to all, few will take on carrying the torch;

For the fear of being beating, scarred and torched.

But with taking it on, answers will always be found;

And you will find yourself always on hallowed ground.


So don’t give in, keep up the fight;

It will all be worth it, despite your painful plight.

For those things that last for eternity, will come not by conforming to the world’s ways;

Because Truth will be lost to this world, based on what evil temporarily lays.

The Different Dimensions to Love


Love has no fear;
Neither does it hate.
For it allows for a heart to forgive easily;
And to feel complete, when in perfect harmony.

Love has the power to thaw out the coldest of hearts;
It has the ability to even heal hearts that are…
So wounded…
So Lost…
And Alone.

A heart rooted in Love has no pride;
For its incentive is to only love more…
Taking no credit of any sort;
It gives and gives, till it physically can not any longer.

When it comes to love;
There is no such thing as being vulnerable…
To a heart rooted in love;
It only feels right when it does.

Remember Love always wins;
So there is no loss in its investment.
Love only knows truth;
And Truth has always prevailed.