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The Power of Prayer-The Direct Link to God, The Father of Creation

Power of Prayer

There is one thing that God, the Father of Creation, has given in our tool belts as something that is always there for our use, against evil and its ways…it is His Direct Link to Him….which Jesus Christ (Yeshu Cristu, Yeshuay) reestablished on the Cross at Calvary….through prayer. A heart that humbly comes to the feet of the Father of Creation, will always go noticed…and words always heard from a soul that is faithfully seeking and loving Him. As any father would do for their child, God, the Father of all Creation is no different. And many of us either forget this, or under-utilize this. Instead, we only use it when it is absolutely necessary….in moments that are selfish, full of fear, and unholy. Prayer is not formal. Prayer is not a rehearsed prayer, where it becomes automated like a robot being automated in doing its tasks. It should come from a heart that loves God, with all of its might; and a soul that yearns and only has peace when in communion with the Father of Creation…the source of its existence. Prayer is a moment of conversation with the Father of Creation…it is a dialogue.

As human beings, we need an instant result in the rewards we receive in our dedication and faithfulness. However, since when does the Creator conform to the definitions of His Creation? If people truly understood the power in prayer, many may do it more often. But then again, will it be done for the right reason…that is the question? May this is what God, the Father of Creation wants us to find our for ourselves. Do we truly surrender to His Will of our lives, or do we just say that in words. God, the Father of Creation, give us the choice through our freewill, everyday as we wake up to another day to live, whether we choose to entrust our lives and souls to His Care….or do we fall to the deception of evil, and believe that we are in complete control of our destinies….Just look outside of your windows…did Man make what is outside, living..thriving,..surviving each day? From the trees, green grass, and fragrant and colorful flowers  in the ground, to the clouds and birds in the sky…..He shows us His Existence in our lives everyday….yet how many of us say “thank you”, let alone, have a conversation with Him. Yet when someone gives us a birthday present or random gift of appreciation…we have the etiquette to say that to another human being. When we have a great day…how many times do take then to do the same…only with sad….frustrating…and even desparate moments of despair…when we need something of Him.

However, He still never gives up hope in wanting to hear from us…He doesn’t punish us or hold it over our heads because we don’t do this. With each moment we have living on this earth, God gives us this opportunity to talk with….because this is how much, as our Father….He loves us. Evil would like for us to think that God, the Father of Creation….is evil…and that He is unreasonable…and that He puts so many rules on us, that He wants to have a boring and sad life, full of shackles and restrictions. Do the animals in the wild have this problem? Do the trees, plants and flowers in nature have this problem? The fish in the oceans and seas? All those who do not have this freewill, still thrive….vibrantly through their lives. Evil wants us to believe otherwise…to mislead us in God’s intentions for us. He loves us so unconditionally to the point of wiping our slates clean…..if we repent with a truthful spirit and heart for our mistakes that rebelled against His Divine Laws of Unconditional Love. He give us this opportunity everyday. He even sent His Own Son, to take on our punishment, as His….so that we would not have to go through it. We just have to make the choice, everyday we live, until our last breath.

The power of prayer. I have noticed within my own life, that with each time I spend with God, the Father of Creation….He give me an inner peace that is unexplainable. He reassures me that He will take care of me. While the world may seems lonesome at times….He always shows me that He is always there beside me, and then I never feel alone. The power of prayer. He gives strength, when to most it would be crazy to face certain situations on one’s own, and even to love in the most purest form….unconditionally. God, the Father of Creation provides in our secret prayer closets, nuggets of His Wisdom to the Ways of the Eternal Kingdom…conversations between a Father and His Child, and dotes on them with His Gifts, to which are in no comparison to the riches of anything the earth could offer. He reminds His Children, in their prayer closets, the Promises that He had made in Jesus Christ, His Son. The power of prayer.

Prayer is what allows for God to communicate with Children the secrets to the Eternal Kingdom He has in store for all of Mankind, and the promises He has made for one day…all injustice done to them will one day bow down to Him…..As God’s Children….we must know the power of prayer. It is so easy to get caught up with the ways of this world…..with your job….and life circumstances….with people in one’s life….this is how much evil wants you to forget about the power of prayer. We must never forget it…and what God can show us through them…..Jesus Christ did with His Own Life. He believed in it so much as to show us to the point in dying to make sure we can have access to Him, and the Father of Creation. We should never forget that.


A Child’s Heart Is What God Requires

Matthew 18,3

As I look outside my window and stare;

I see the so many people walking around, in the world, without any care.

God‘s Love is slowly disappearing from the world, throughout this place…

All to fulfill Satan‘s Revenge against God, making many of God’s Children fall from His Grace.


Eventhough Jesus Christ came onto this earth to live, in order to die for us;

We forget from what punishment we were spared, and continue, against God, to cuss.

God asked us to trust Him, just as a child trusts his/her own mother and father;

To have faith like a child…many do not bother.


I see the world constantly changing…so far away from God and the greatness He created for us to be;

Evil is making sure that the majority of us, will forget, look down, of God’s Ways of Love to flee.

Jesus Christ showed us through His Own Death, that God wanted us to be freed;

To unshackle us of Evil’s Ways…and know of God’s Unconditional Love…to be our creed.


A Child’s Heart is what God’s expects…

A heart that is that has not yet been stained by evil…and bruised by its effects.

It is a heart like this that sees the Face of God…and know of His Unconditional Love;

To know of Abba‘s Endless Forgiveness, that He so willingly shares from Up Above.


Though having travelled off so far from God’s Path;

Take some time, and do the math…

Evil is always ready to take you away from knowing such elation;

An elation that can only be known by knowing a Father that is beyond the world’s ways…not by any blood relation.


A Child’s Heart is what we should strive for;

So that God can enter within us, and prepare us for what Evil has for us, in store!

Jesus is coming very soon;

So allow for yourself, in God’s Divine Laws of Love, to be in tune.

Declaring the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God

As each day goes by, we are getting one day closer to the end of times. And as each day goes by, we can see that. There is physical proof of this all around us. Whether we are aware of it or not…whether we want to be or not….we are ALL a part of a SPIRITUAL WARFARE. So it is important that we grow stronger in our faith. When we do, this will prove to be a consistent stronghold for us, and our hearts and souls. And no one or nothing will be able to shake us from this. Because God says He is beyond what we see and hear with our human eyes and ears on this earth. And when we have the FATHER OF CREATION as our focus, we will definitely be on the winning side of this spiritual war.

As God’s Creations, we are all on the Path of Truth. And there is only one truth. God knows that we all understand it in different ways. However, when enlightened by that ONE TRUTH, by the One True God, all will conduct themselves in accordance to the way that Truth dictates. God wants true believers to come into His Paradise of Eternal Life, up above. So, He will not tolerate any deviations from His Truth. A heart and soul grounded in His Truth will be childlike in nature. It will not value the things of this world; but only the things in God’s Love. If you look even the flowers in the wild, the trees in the wilderness, and the animals in the forests, display this. Look at the animals…do they not protect their herd or young…in a sacrificial way? That is out of unconditional love…and knowing their responsibility as leaders and parents to the young of the flock or herd. JUST AS A SHEPARD PROTECTS ITS FLOCK….

JESUS CHRIST, as the SON OF GOD, did the same. Though being the “King of all Kings”; and a member of the most High Court…He never took the place or position within this earth of any royalty…or of fame or wealth. He took on God’s Will for Him, to be the Shepard of the Lost Sheep. And when God’s Time was right, seeing how far Mankind strayed away from God’s Greatness for them….He became the SACRIFICIAL LAMB…..the offering to God, to take away the sins of Mankind. As the Son of God, He died on this earth…in order to take our place. To unshackle us from evil. Instead of DESTROYING His Creations, God gave us one final chance in making things right with Him. Jesus Christ, conquered evil, by dying on the Cross….as the ULTIMATE SYMBOL of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. And will one day soon return, to take back with Him those who have found and lived by God’s Truth.

Evil wants us to forget this of Jesus Christ. That is why Satan fears the Name of Jesus Christ. Because Jesus defeated him and his evil. Do you not see how Jesus Christ and His Name…any memory of Him is trying to be eliminated on this earth? Christians are being persecuted everywhere, based on their belief in Jesus Christ. So it is so important that we study His Life…know how to conquer evil. Jesus Christ came to earth, to change the law of “eye for an eye”; and asked us to “turn the other cheek” in order to uphold God’s Divine Laws of Love….as you can see…as Jesus died on the Cross….He did it to the point of death of His Earthly Life, on the Cross. He went as far to show that God’s Ways are beyond the world’s ways…as to die for Mankind on this Earth.

So declare Jesus Christ’s Name over your life…over the lives of your loved ones…EVERYDAY…to daily conquer evil’s battles over your soul. And you will see how evil will leave you….in fear of Jesus Christ.

The Shepard of My Soul

The Shepard of My Soul