A Spiritual Path, is not dictated by Human Logic; but led by Divine Logic.


“Depraved Indifference” by Ellerslie Mission Society Films

What may be considered of value on this earth, may not be of value in the Eternal Kingdom of God. Be mindful as you live each day, of the ways of the Eternal Kingdom; ways that are in accordance to the Divine Laws of Love (ways of Unconditional Love, Nonviolence, and Mercy.) God says His Ways are not of the world’s ways, but are beyond them. Jesus Christ, demonstrated how much God meant this, as God’s Son, by taking on the earthly titles of what was considered the lowest of the low, on this earth while He roamed it…..

This video is for educational purposes. Courtesy of Ellerslie Mission Society Films; Sermon by Eric Ludy.



The Importance of the Blood Covering That Jesus Christ Provided in His Death On The Cross (Pastor David Wilkerson’s Sermon)


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DMX’s “Lord Give Me a Sign”



(video with lyrics Courtesy of YouTube: panaxaikipatragreece)

World famed American Rapper, DMX, turned away from the pressure of fame, and found truth behind the power of Jesus Christ. It shows that God’s Love and Power, has no boundaries to where it can reach, to let His Children know of His Love, to which He showed us through Jesus Christ, on the Cross.

Keep the Faith, my fellow Brother in Jesus Christ. And keep on testifying to Jesus’ Love for us.


Love of a Jealous Kind-Jars of Clay

This particular song spoke to me, especially in recent times, based on the truth it speaks. We often forget of the Omnipresent God, whose Love is always there for us to grab hold to, with His Arms wide open. Instead, in our everyday lives, we seek the comforts of this world, to which God says that He is not a part of its ways. He has shown us in so many ways as to how much He shows His Love to us. From waking up to another day to live;to the love of a pet. Or even the flowers and their radiant beauty in the meadows; to the birds that fly in the sky. We keep choosing to put our faith in the temporary things of this world; and putting faith in man who is flawed by its human nature. If we put our faith in a Perfect God, with His Love that is so abundant and merciful, we will no longer “choose the gallows to the aisle”. Through the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, we were given the choice to walk down the aisle to God’s Eternal Paradise; or to the gallows of Eternal Damnation. We can not rely on our own logic and understanding, for it is weak. This is exactly what this song is saying. So we must constantly be in communication with God, so that we can discern the deception that evil is constantly trying to throw at us, so that we fall prey to our sinful, weak human nature. God will help us through His Endless Love to know what will give us victory, to enter His Eternal Paradise.



Global Christian Persecution-Grow Stronger in Faith

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ….

For the faith that we at times may take for granted, we must remember all those who have lost their lives, in the process of upholding it. We have many of our brothers and sisters in Jesus all over the world who die, for the sake of one thing, honoring our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Let us continue to pray, in the strengthening of our own faiths, so that if a time should arise, where we are in the same position, as these brothers and sisters, that we will have the same courage as they did, to stand up for Jesus Christ, just as Jesus Christ did for us, at the Cross on Calvary. And have the confidence that God will see us in His Eternal Paradise.


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From Hollywood to Finding God, US Teen Idol Kirk Cameron Dedicates His Life to God and Jesus Christ

Even at the heights of his fame in Hollywood, Kirk Cameron, as a Teen Idol, found God, as the age of 17 years old. Upon finding God, and learning about Jesus Christ, Kirk Cameron decided to dedicate his life in serving the Lord. This is his testimony of how he was brought to the Lord, and how he is serving the Lord, even in the fast paced life of Hollywood. He explains how his view on how he should conduct his life changed upon finding God and Jesus Christ. While many of his own colleagues like Corey Haim, River Phoenix, and even his co-star in “Growing Pains” are no longer here, he saw that he was still here, based on finding God, and diverging from the lifestyle of Hollywood, as a result of finding God and Jesus Christ. He decided to use his influence and dedicate his life in serving God and Jesus Christ. I love how he says, “So…this is the TMZ Question…”

Please have a look at his testimony below. This clip was taken from YouTube for educational purposes.


Armani Model finds God, within a Fast Paced Fashion World

When we serve a God that is beyond the world’s ways, we will begin to see things in the way we were meant to see them. God always wants to call His Children back home to Him. He just needs for us to see it for ourselves. As the end of times grow nearer, it will become harder and harder to determine what is of God’s Truth, and what is of Satan’s Deception. Satan wants you to value worldly things; to satisfy the self; to seek instant gratification. If we decide to go down this path we will see that greed will set in, and we will never be fully satisfied. But when we seek God, we will see that we will feel completely fulfilled.

Below is a YouTube video (for educational purposes) of a woman who happened to be a model for the famous designer ARMANI. This is a testimony of how she found God and His Love so faithful, healing and satisfying. She turned away from the fashion world, only to turn towards the God that picked her up, and carry her on to His Ministry. What she realized is what may seem beautiful in this world; is not what God sees or values for those to be a part of His Kingdom.

Please have a look at the testimony below, and see how this woman’s world was changed through God.