Anticipate all the good and bad…

fight between good and evil


Each day I lay in pain;

And wonder when it will wane.

At times triggered by events in my past;

Brief happy moments, as well as that I know they will not last.

Triggered also by stories and images on the news;

Everytime I witness all, it gives me the blues.

War, Bigotry, Cruelty, Lies;

Cheating, selfishness, Destruction.


Instead of searching for “The Light” in people;

For the good…

We need to anticipate for the bad and, as well as the evil.

Where once purity stood;

For all living things, there is so much disregard;

When it is God who said that ALL was our responsibility to guard.


Each day;

As I gather my beads to pray;

Tears run down my face with each prayer I say.

“God, at times I just don’t know what to do…

With all of this pain that I feel of others, a gift I know is from You.

You know that I would do anything to take that pain…

And make it my own, for in me to remain.


All I know is that within my heart;

Is to continue with my prayers…

A good start.

I no longer live of this world and its ways;

But for the promises of God, for Him all praise.


For the key in taking away all of my pain;

Is by staying with Him, for with Him I will remain.

It is He who is above all…

All things, great and small.

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